Thursday, 3 May 2018

Battle Report - Hobbit SBG - Rohan vs Dwarfs

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing the Hobbit / Lord of the Rings game. We both wanted to try out some new armies that have been getting furiously painted, so it's going to be a Dwarfs vs Rohan game.

I picked out a scenario from the cards that seemed interesting, and ended up with capture the camp. Both armies have camps to defend and they have to go get tge opposing one while holding there's.  You can also get points for breaking the enemy and woundone or killing their leader.

So it looks like a bit of a border war if sorts.

I took Erkenbrand and the mounted I had, plus theoden a captain, kings huntsman and some foot. Dwarfs had Bali Marin a coil of captains and some rangers and warriors.

Here is the star oc things. Riders moving out, the walled off bits are the camps.

My plan was to split a for d to each side and try to get around the flanks of the dwarves, while holding a unit to hold the camp. The Dwarves idea was to march out with everyone and catch enemies on the way.

Dwarfs shaking out into long shield walls to block off the boars.  Rohan slowly advancing and starting to harass a bit.

I'm a but nervous of getting the cavalry into to much dwarf bow range. I gave very fes guys and their bows are stronger then average.

My feeling is that my to forces are badly outnumbered, so i need to split up the dwarves a bit to have a chance. But the bows have got in range and started taking out mounted units so that puts a bit of pressure on.

Trying to use the rock as cover and get a decent shot are killing some dwarves.

On the other side the Rangers were a bit more willing to split up. So I felt like my small group would gave a chance.

Battle is finally joined. A small fight or 2 with the Rangers,  and my mounted stuff against a small dwarf line behind the mossy boulder.  This goes alright and a few Dwarfs go down mainly from Erkenbrand.

But the dwars get priority which is a problem.

It's not so long before my mounted are killed. The Ranger fight goes kk with about equal losses. But I am struggling to kill the last 2. Meanwhile rangers are pushing up through the burned out town

With things winding down u send out my Royal Guard to try and fight the Rangers.  But very lucky bow shots kills 2!

Bit by but the dwarves close the noose. Need to kill a few more to end the game.

Surely they must be tired after all the waddling? ?

After the assault stars it's us only z turn or 2 before Rohan is finally reduced below half  to end the game.

It was pretty close the dwarfs got points for breaking my force and I was a few kills away from breaking theirs. But no one hot the capture or general killing points.  So it was just 3-0 from Durin's Folk.


Lots of reports this week!

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  1. It was a good game as usual. The mounted troops are really strong. When they win the fight they knock down the enemy and get to roll double the amount of dice.