Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Cangames Part 1 - 2018

Hello All,

So as many are probably aware this past weekend was Cangames. Our local gaming convention. Was a real fun time as usual. I thought I would follow my normal procedure and do a 2 part post, first part will talk about the games I ran and part 2 for ones I played in.

A bit busy keeping things running so these are more some cool shots / moments.

Old West Showdown:

On Friday I decided to run an Old West game. Original idea was to use Dead Man's Hand, but a few weeks back I decided to change my ming and do Legends of the Olde West instead. It's a bit better for more players I think. Was scheduled for 4 players but allot of people wanted in so I doubled it to 8 by half in the Forces.

Here is the set up. Nothing fancy just the outlaws and desperados coming in from the left to have a shoot out with the law on tge right.

Desperado decided on some extra circular bank robbing and took hostages.

Eventually both sides moved into range and started blasting each other. Allot of action broke out around the Marshes office.

Things about to go down.

Band plays a lively tune.

From gun fights we progress to fist fight. The trail boss got beat up and the Sherrif and his deputies are taking heavy fire. Things are going really well for the criminals. 

The law starts to pull back and the fighting spills into the street.

Someone goes down.

The prize fighter is fighting everyone at once!

Lots of bad guys not so much law. The farmer got knocked out and spilled his loot.

In the end the Law was forced to retreat leaving the Outlaws I'm control of the town for Now!

Helms Deep:

Second game was Helms Deep, co-stated by Serge who built the terrain. His report is here:


But I will post mine anyway.

Full table set up.

The keep with Theoden and some men of Rohan defending.

Deeping wall defended aby elves, men and the three hunters.

Battering ram starts knocking on the door.

Uruk-Hai going up seige ladders.

Culvert exploded so they are now pushing on 2 sides.

After a bit of a jam the trolls come in and push through.

Gandalf arrives with Eomer and the men of the west fold to the rescue.

They charge straight for the gap.

Gandalf fights a Troll!

In the end Gandalf and Eomer are unable to break the forces of Isengard. We ended up with a minor Evil victory, they accomplished all of the seige objectives and took the fortress. But failed to kill the important characters (Gandalf, Aragorn, Theoden). So it is still possible for thw forces of good to rally.

Will add another post in the next couple of days with the games I just played in.



  1. Thanks for running these Mike...they were extremely enjoyable and got me back into gaming. Thanks!

  2. Epic! Wonderful and atmospheric tables...