Monday, 14 May 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades - Moors Vs Eastern Princes

Hello Folks,

Yesterday Duncan and I got to try out another Saga game with the new crusades book. This time I d3cided to try out the Eastern Princes (new Christian rus) and Duncan once again had the Moors this time with a new unit of crossbow levy.

We played the only scenario again and got the normal hot dog type deployment with cursed ground (all uneven terrain is dangerous).

Here is the set up, allot more people this time as we both took some levy and warriors. The moors had 2 units of levy!

I was the first player with just 3 dice so I set up some deffusive stuff and left it at that.

The moors executed a big charge with hearth guard and crushed a unit of mine. But they took some casualties. The used some special abilities to throw javelins but I had thought they were warriors so we gave them a couple of dice less.

My turn was a time for revenge so I charged with my unit using the drug (companions) ability so a nearby unit gets to add in there dice but they also take casualties. With this I killed the rest of the mounted unit but my warlord was left exhausted.

Taking advantage of this the moors warlord charged and killed mine, but now he gad fatigues and was in danger! Meanwhile our archers are shooting at each other. Not having much luck but my guys are somehow winning depot the moors having crossbows and more guys!

My turn so I of course fight that warlord and kill him. Also mu bows guys got a couple of kills so the moors were down 2 dice.

Being still angry tgey kept up with the mounted charges and polished of my hearth guard. Spreading around some fatigue. Allot of dead guys in that 1 spot now!

I had some good dice so was able to cuter charge again and killed most of them with some warriors. The Rus have a good mix of abilities it seems.

Fighting continues. The moors are getting low on dice but they are able to keep up the bow fight spread some fatigue and advane some warriors. I was able to charge again and get the last 2 warriors.

The moors foot fought back thou reducing my unit to a single guy.

So that's the end of the game. Still allot of foot guys left but a big hole where the main action was. The bow guys chipped away at each other but not to bad. The crossbows had really bad luck which is good for me!

We Talleyed up the points I forget the totals but I was up by 2 points. Just 1 shy of claiming a victory so it was a draw again!

Enjoyed the new fancy Rus board they have a fun variety of stuff. Shooting combat defense fatigue removing ect.. so you can do a bit of everything which is good fun.



  1. so how are the rules for the crusade books, anything new and interesting. Anything new for Moors

    1. Sorry took me awhile to get to responding. I am not sure about the exact differences, but the Moors have some cool stuff for sure. Perservance lets them activate a bunch of units at once which is great, and they have some good combat stuff too like Storm of whatever that can be pretty brutal. They seem neat to me!