Thursday, 17 May 2018

Painting Update - Lots!

Hello Folks,

Been way way to long, a couple of months I think, but finally got around to doing another painting update. Got trapped in a cycle of wanting to finish a few more things before doing it hah.

This is allot of stuff so bear with me, feel free to scroll through. Also I took pictures of the Rohan stuff as I was packing it for Helm's Deep so it's a bit repetitive instead of all at once.

Mounted Eomer:


First up the model I literally finished tonight. Mounted version of Eomer ready to releive Helms Deep on Saturday. (We are doing the movie version.

Warriors of Rohan:

First set of warriors. These models are a bit old and maybe not the best technically. But I quite like them, they paint up cool and are not to hard to do. Especially like the front guy on the elft with his sword down.

Captain of Rohan and more Warriors: 

Second set of warriors, plus a horn guy and captain form the command set. I really am a fan of that captain about to murder an orc! Such a great model.

Even more Warriors:

Just another set of warriors. Some with red and some with green shields. So I can have some westfold red shields if I want.

Kings Huntsman + Warriors + Rohan Royal Guard:

Finally a more special group. A few more warriors plus some Royal Guard ready to protect their king. Lastly a fun model game wise, the kings huntsman who want to shoot some special guys and monsters in the face.


A few spooky ghosts to support Mordor. I painted these on a whim one night for a game, but ended up playing Rohan instead.

Battering Ram:

Last Uruk-Hai thing needed for helms deep, of course a battering ram to smash in the gate. Actually turned out to be pretty cool. I was worried it would be a huge pain to glue the big heavy metal ram to the guys but it wasn't a big deal after all. The back right guy is barely touching the ground thou hah.

Gandalf the White:

Can't save Helm's Deep without Gandalf the White on Shadowfax. So here he is. Kind of an annoying model being big metal and supported by a single hoof. There was no way to put him on a thin base so I kept the normal one.

Blood Eagle:

Had to do this model just for fun. Seems he really pissed off the wrong viking!

Dwarf Statues:

Another things I just felt like doing one day. These are cool terrain pieces, but not really any real reason hah.

Army of the Dead:

Literally painted these guys tonight as well hah. Had them for awhile, but on Monday I just felt like I suddenly had to do them. REally fast to do but I think the green ghostly effect works. These are the real old metal models which are great in my opinion. I put a bit of metal on the crown and some metal bits felt that was a nice feature.

Magore's Fiends:

Well over the past while I have been kind of procrastinating on painting Gandalf if I am honest. Anyway I painted up a few of these Khorne dudes. They are just really fun models so I just wanted to work on some. This is the shadespire set.

Blood Warriors:

Pair of quick build Blood Warriors with Gorefist. IDea is that they can go with the 3 above to make a unit of 5 guys.

Blood Warriors Command:

Start of another unit of Blood Warriors. These guys are one of the basic troops.

Skull Grinder and Slaughter Priest:

A couple of heroes to lead my little army. A smith swinging his anvil around, and a priest hah.


Finally mu Fav and the reason I have any of these guys, the Wrathmongers! These guys are just crazy swinging around hammers on big chains so whats not to love. One guy even has 3 arms. These Khorne and just stupidy big meat men which is just good fun!

Phew so that's all I have for now!

Post cangames I am planning to knock out some smaller projects and just do whatever I feel like so should be more smaller posts. First up is some Jovian Chronicles stuff.

Still keeping up the count.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 132 (added some stuff as well, basically the stuff from Cold Wars plus the Khorne guys)
Painted: 140 (above is a big 67 guys!)
Total: 8

Just barely staying positive hah nice.


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