Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Cangames Part 2 - 2018

Hello Folks,

Time for part 2 of the cangames coverage. Thus post us fir the games where I was just a lowly player.

Seige of Fort William:

This was another seige game put on by Ed using his bombards and bayonets rules. This year doing the Jacobite rebellion.

I joined the Scotish side as they just have more fun.

Ft. William with a sloop of war watching over.

Jacobite batteries and sheep.

I concentrated my fire on the sloop, I thought it would be easy to sink. Also it's distressingly close to where my guys need to go. Our others players shot up the fort.

After a few turns of this allot of cannons were knocked out. So we decided to assault fairly early to avoid as many event cards as possible. They are rarely helpful!

Charge! We got a real dark night for our attack and the event put our reserves into the battle.

We just attacked everywhere there was space.

Pressing in close. I had 1 unit assault the grounded ship but they all died to its 2 remaining cannons.

Things started getting bad for the defenders as we pushed in.

Then an event gave us climbing equipment so our guys flew up the walls on mass. This was pretty much the end for the British. One unit escaped but the fort was ours.

Sails of Glory:

I also played in a Napelonic Naval game. To try out the sails of glory rules. They were pretty fun if a bit fiddly with allot of tokens.

I managed to sink 2 ships but lost my smaller one. And my 74 gunner was heavily damaged and had to slink away.

Finally I played in the DBA tournament but didn't take any pictures. Just forgot. I lost 3 out of 4 so just as well hah.

Overall cangames was a real fun time. Lots of cool stuff and good times.


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