Thursday, 24 May 2018

Battle Report - X-Wing - Vader on Mustafar

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing X-Wing again. I wanted to finally try out Dart Vader and Serge wanted to try some Scum and Villiany ships. So we just have a 50 point game.

I set up the terrain to be the volcanic planet Mustafar where Vader has his hang out. Change things up a but, instead of asteroils we have volcanic plumes!

I took Vader in a Tie Advance and Dark Curse in a Tie Fighter. The scum had a Y-Wing and 2 Z-95 Headhunters,  which are the previews version of an X-Wing or something.

Inital deployment.

Turn one the scum advance and Dark Curse swings over to support vader and gang up on a Headhunter. With a lucky crit they bring it down!

Next turn I need to get re-orientated so Vader heads around a plume and dark curse does a flip. Not much effective shooting this time but I think the Y lost a sheld.

Next turn Vader continues his trip, due to the plume he is not able to barrel roll to get a shit.  But Dark Curse glides past the Y-Wing to fight the second headhunter. I think on this turn he takes a damage.

Next turn we kind of go past each other and get ready for another pass.

Vader and his pal turn on the gas to focus on the Y-Wing doing some good damage, and slipping just out of the headhunters arc of fire.

Sadly the next go is not as great and Dark Curse gets shot down by a nice turret on the headhunter.

But Vader is able to turn in and take out the headhunter. His ability to take 2 actions is really paying off. Especially with the advanced targeting computer.

That leaves some poor random guy to have a dog fight with Vader...

But he is going down swinging.

But Vader is the able to get behind and sneak some shots through the plume.

Then close in fir the kill. A rare win fir the imperials, didn't even need a star destroyer this time!

Was fairly close vader was down to just 1 shield. I think if that 1 ship hadn't got a lucky crit on turn 1 and stayed to get a few shots in it could have been different but who knows.

I did enjoy the change up of the volcanic planet. Even if it is just visual hah.

Let me know what your thoughts are.



  1. cool game even if Vader gave a shit after his barrel roll.

  2. The mat and plumes look great Mike...very cool visual, very Mustafar-y. Nice report...