Monday, 1 December 2014

Battle Report - Fist Full of Kung Fu

So yesterday we got a chance to try out the Fist Full of Kung Fu rules from Osprey. Bit of a different game in that is not very serious at all. Duncan had some new terrain from Ed which is meant to represent a bombed out eastern European city, but we just used is as the slums of Hong Kong.

It's a fast game so we played it out a few times, it's meant to be like the old movies so you have a protagonist for each side and a bunch of extras that don't really matter and can't do allot, but it gives the heroes some people to beat up basically.

Game 1:

In the first game the plot was that the Hong Kong police had to arrest one of my extras and drag him off the board.

The Police have a warrant out for this guy.

My Yakuza boss was not so keen on this so he decided to put a hurt on the cops. We rolled for a complication and it turned out that this would take place on Chinese New Year so the streets are filled with civilians. This made all movement slow until they dispersed with the first gun shot.

Here is the set up, our guys are kind of scatted all over. I put the target guy in the bunker looking building in the middle, and the put the big olde sumo wrestler in the door to block it off, I thought this was pretty clever. The cop hero is in the ally to the right side.

First activation of the game the cop ran down the ally jumped through the second story window, and informed the perp that he was under arrest from the head of the stairs.

I tried to activate one of my extras to move in but failed massively (you can roll 3 dice to activate and every pass gives you a move, but every fail is a move for the other guys hero, and if you fail 2 it goes back to their turn). So it;s back to the cops turn again, this seems bad.

So the hero cop charges down the stairs beats up the target and slaps some cuffs on him, then blasts the sumo guy in the back with a hail of gunfire and knocks him out of the building. He hadn't had a chance to go and activate his immovable stance that prevents him from getting knocked back crap.

Then the veteran cop moves up and gives him a shot gun blast knocking him even farther back.

Well at this point the Yakuza boss, who has been sneaking around is getting tired of this stuff, so he jumps into the street and beats up a rookie cop, the runs after the heroic cop to try and stop him from getting off the board.

But he is to slow and pistol guy is headed to the slammer.

Game 2:

So we decided to give it another go, and put another building in the middle to be a cop station. Now the Yakuza would have to break this chump out of jail before he flipped on the boss and spilled his guts to the cops. This time the complication was that it would be night time which sounded helpful for the Yakuza.

The cops set up to defend along the windows of the station, and I put my guys all around, the boss is off screen just below the corner. I started spaying the guys in the windows with machine gun fire, so they withdrew a bit into the station.

When it got back to my turn I had my Boss charge right into the station and cause some big trouble with the head cop.

Well this went really bad really fast, and he ended up in the slammer with the other guy, so bad day to be in the Yakuza. The police have a special ability to put people in head cuffs which is really super annoying!

Game 3:

In the last game I decided to try out the martial arts guys, Duncan switched over to some calfornia looking cop hero's, so we decided that they had insulted the honor of the master. This meant that the Kung Fu protagonist would have to humble him them knock him out to teach him a lesson (humbeled is one of the damage results you can choose).

Not as many pictures this time, but the old man charged right in and laid a beating on the cop, and managed to get the humbled result.

But in the next fight they ganged up on the master knocked him down, and then slapped him in cuffs. So we were back to that again!

He sent in Tony Jaa to fight his battles and decided discretion was the better part of valor and started to run away. But I rolled a 1 to break the hand cuffs, this meant an extra would have to be found to get him out.

Unfortunately the dirty cops started to shoot all the martial artists with there guns, what kind of a Kung Fu movie is this! The master managed to get out of his hand cuffs eventually with the help of the Shaolin, But the 'hero' cop chased him down, humbled him, slapped him in cuffs again, and then beat him senseless. So another guy in the slammer (must be getting full), and the plan for revenge did not go so well.

This is why I need a Bruce Lee miniature, surely he wouldn't have to put up with this kind of thing.

It was a pretty fun game, although really fast. Definitely worth playing around with for a bit of light hearted fun, but you need allot of terrain to make it the best which we didn't have.



  1. Sounds like a great game Mike...I just finished off my cops. Have to give them a go...

  2. Yes will have to organize a game some time, it's pretty fun to mess around with.