Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Battle Report - SAGA - Rus Princes vs Moors

So I was on the fence about making a post on this since Duncan already did, but eh whatever sometimes it is interesting to read both viewpoints.

Here is the Moor POV:

So we decided to meet this past Saturday to play some games, one of which was Saga. I decided to bring along the Fancy Russians (Rus Princes), because I have only gotten to play a couple of games with them, and they seem kind of fun. The Fancy Rus army is really all about the Mounted Durzhina, their hearthguard unit, which has to be mounted, and you can upgrade up to 8 of them to maliali (forgot how to spell, but basically it means senior I guess) Durzhina and they can some special powers. They have a bow, don't reduce their armor, generate 2 saga dice and can ignore a hit. But if they die all Rus units get a fatigue (good luck!).

So I took 8 of those guys a warlord, 3 points of warriors in 2 units of 12, and levy as we played 7 points.

Moors had a Black Guard unit (super foot), some camels, white horse men and a special hero.

I was a bit concerned about the black guard and camels, so I thought it would be good to beat up everyone else first. We agreed to play the river crossing scenario since I had never done that one that I can remember and thought it would be cool. Basically you have an impassable river with only 2 crossings, so whoever can cross the most stuff wins! Easy.

Here is the initial set up, I kept my mounted guys way back so they wouldn't get charged right off, and lined up a bunch of infantry guys along the ridge, with the bows in the middle hopping they could shoot the camels no matter what ford they went for.

In the first turn we both just moved up, I had to be a bit careful with the warlord as units that moved far from him gave him fatigues due to a moor ability. But I was able to advance, and move up with the mounted to fire on the white horse men and retreat using the parting shot ability. So I got one kill out of that.

The white horsemen then decided to charge my Durzhina before anymore got shot, but my big special unit was a bit to much for them, and thanks to resilience they fell back after loosing 4, with no dead for me. Meanwhile the Blackguard took up position in the other ford, I gave up on that ford about now, hah.

On my turn I had my Durzhina finish off the pesky horse men, or was it the warriors I forget. Anyway I was able to use the parting shot again and took out half of the camels! Added to that my levy killed one of the Blackguard, and I got my warriors to try and block the camels from charging. So a real lucky turn for me there.

In retaliation the camels charged my Durzhina, but they were to small to be real effective against such a large hearthguard unit now, even with their bonus of halving my dice I still had 8. So I was able to weather another storm. But the Blackguard tenderized my unit of 12 warriors as well which was not as ideal. They are pretty good with the right abilities.

At this point I had more points of guys around then the Moors so I decided to leave my militia bow men to die and ran everyone else across the river. I figure that the main use of peasants to to have them go die somewhere so this seemed ok.

In the final turn the Moors massacred my levy, and I lined up my veteran Durzhina in a fancy formation along the river (they are the fancy rus after all).

So at the final tally we had like 19 points for me across, and  12 for the Moors. We both had a bunch of hearthguard and a warlord, but I also had a bunch of warriors. I retrospect Duncan could ahve put his cavalry against my much easier to kill warriors and it would have been allot closer probably, so good thing he never thought of that!

Really enjoyed this game, always fun to play saga, and I think including the special units makes it more fun as well.


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