Thursday, 17 December 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga - Infernal Crypts

So I have moved on to painting the second dungeon Saga expansion. I was thinking to skip it and go to some of the other ones which are smaller, but since I am finding painting these things to be fun I figured might as well just get on with it.

So as usual first up I painted the 2 new heroes for this one, which are a cleric and a fish woman, I think they are using the term Naiad, or something like that.

These heroes were allot more bent so I decided I should try to fix them. The cleric had one foot not touching the ground, and trident was really bent. I read online that you need to have really hot water and go to ice water for it to really work, so I did it with almost boiling water this time. Seems to have held better so hopefully that works.

I quite like the fish person, something a bit unusual again. Not super keen on the cleric as the weapon just seems odd, but it is not bad.

Also got the first couple of monster finished. These guys are all demons from some kind of fiery realm.

A couple of 3 headed dogs. I am not sure what to do with the eyes, so for now I just left them black. For the basing I decided to change it up and try to make a lava type theme. So I painted the cracks orange with a little line of yellow. I thought that turned out pretty cool, but it doesn't show that super well in the picture I guess. Working on some tortured souls now hah.

Edit: Almost forgot to put the numbers.

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