Friday, 11 December 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga + WW2

Well got a bit more painting done. I finished off the Orc Warlord, so only have 2 more models to go to finish off that expansion.

This model is pretty good, but I think it suffers a bit from forcing it to be a 1 piece cast. But considering what it is you can't ask for much more then this. He dos look cool with the axes and wolf head! Just about done with the orc expansion now and starting to look forward to painting the next bit of this set hah.

In addition to that I also took a small break from the fantasy stuff to paint a small amount of WW2 stuff. I am planning an experiment to try out a skirmish game I like with a WW2 theme, so I decided to a a few bit to what I have single based. So I painted a squad of Panzer Grenadiers and a single half track. I already have some SS and Canadians, and I will do 1 more Allied option. If it turns out to be fun today my plan si to run it at the club next week.

These are all from plastic soldier company. I bought a Panzer army a year or more ago when they had a big sale so I had some stuff sitting around in a box. So good excuse to paint a bit of it. Painting large amounts of 15mm infantry is not really my thing lately, but doing 10 or so is just right.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 250 
Painted: 202 
Total: -48