Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga - Infernal Crypts

Well been working hard trying to get as much of the Infernal Crypts expansion done as I can before Christmas. My experience with these kinds of projects is telling me that if I have a break of a few weeks in the middle there is a decent chance that it won't get picked up again! But if I can get close enough to the end then there is usually a good incentive in finishing it off.

So I have been painting lots of demons! Or I guess they are calling them abyssals technically.


Tortured Soul:

My idea here was to make them look like burned zombies basically. This was not super successful, they are a bit weak it seems. But I guess you don['t want something like that to look super realistic! It annoys me a bit that they are tossing fire balls at the ground. In real life I find the shiny chains and the fire stands out allot more so they look a bit better.


These are my favorites of this set so far. The fire came out pretty good and all the bright colors are nice.

Lesser Abyssal, Fireball guy:

Then we have the lesser abyssals, here is the fire ball one. There is another 6 with various kind of melee weapons. Then I just have 2 big demons, and the demon prince to finish the set. But there is only a few days left so I don't imagine I will get much more done with this. My plan is to assemble some Abrams tanks for cold war gone hot, so I an paint them over the break. Then get back to finishing off all the Dungeon Saga stuff in the new year. The bulk of it is pretty much done, mainly character models, extras, and the dragon left after the demons.

Here is a shot of the total progress:

I really hope they do some new expansions sooner rather then later, painting these 2 off fantasy guys is really fun actually. Apparently it has been selling well despite the kickstarter, they have stated that the base game and I think something else has sold out.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 266
Painted: 216 
Total: -50



  1. Hi Mike. Just painting these demons myself and came across your blog. Nice job. I guess you've finished them all now.

    I especially like what you've done with the bases to get that lava effect. Can I ask how you did that?

    Cheers, Chris

    1. Yes they are all finished now, you can look at the lot in this post:

      As for painting the lava bases it is pretty easy. I painted them a bit of a darker grey color, maybe GW stormvermin fur or something like that. Then painted the cracks an orange-red, I used wazdaka red, then put a line down the crack with watered down yellow. Then highlight the edges of the cracks a lighter grey which also cleans up the red, and then add some white and do just the corners.

    2. Thanks. I'll give that a go today on the Effetti.