Thursday, 10 December 2015

Gaming - Old West

Well bit of a short one today. Yesterday evening Stan came over to play some old west games with dead man's hand. I decided that he should be the chief archivist, so I only took a couple of pictures. But I decided that I would toss them up anyway, because why not.

We played the scenario 'The good the lead and the Ugly', or something like that. Basically there is a stranger in town (Clint) and he stirs up allot of trouble. The first scene has the stranger acting for the good guys against 3 bad guy who try to gun him down. Then scene 3 the bad guys move into the streets and a small skirmish occurs as they have a gun battle. First side to loose a few men looses. And finally a big show down occurs with the stranger the boss and another good guy facing down the street against all the bad guys hoping to hold out until help arrives.

I was only rolling 15s and above so that resulted in allot of dead bad guys. I took the out laws, and Stan had some desperado's. His boss had a more round hat so clearly is the bad guy!

Anyway here are a couple of street level pics which I thought were pretty cool.

Red shirt and fancy hat strolling to the bar about to get jumped by the bad guys. You can see the undertaker heading to the Hardware Store, I think he is expecting in uptick in the coffin business!

Start of scene 3. The bad guys have a showdown with Clint, the Boss, and Dead eye joe the riflemen. Directly after this the Rifleman puts one right between the eyes of Killer the best shot for the desperado, and Clint and the Boss run for cover.

Time to think about expanding town now I guess, will likely do that early in the new year. The sheriff office, bank, and train station are all tempting!

Deadmans Hand is a fun light game, but it can almost be just to fast at times. So will will probably give something else a go next time just for variety. Legends of the Old West is good also, and it lets you have a bit more fun with the army building bit as you can get a much bigger variety of guys in your gang. Perhaps the 3 or 4 of us with gangs can get a bit of a micro campaign going there. Maybe a new gang in the works who knows...



  1. It was great to finally give DMH a chance...I liked the pace, there's really no room for big thinking, simply put rounds downrange and run when you can...

    I'll gladly give it another go...thanks Mike.

  2. Hopefully with my new job, I will be able to join in on the occasional Wednesday