Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave

Hello All,

So on Sunday I had the crowd over to play a game of Frostgrave. Stan brought along his Library terrain to use (thanks very much) and we played the library scenario (well sort of). The original plan was to have 5 players so I added on a bit of a village at the entrance of the great library, but we played with 4 so this was not used.

Now with 4 players having a laugh there is no way to really have much of a narrative to this so I am just going to toss up so pictures and give a brief overview I guess?

We modified the scenario again by having monsters show up for all treasures picked up as that is more of a laugh. Also we just picked monsters that people that were cool, including death knights and djinns and werewolves. So the monsters are way stronger then you would normally see is a game of Frostgrave. But I find this to be cool and fun. This is a 1 off game and not a campaign so thins are a bit different.

So here is our initial set up of things, library with bookshelves and books and tables, and 12 treasure tokens spread all over the place. in the bottom corner there is a Chronomancer and her warband various guys with 2 crossbow men. To the left is a Witch with his warband of 5 barbarian beastmen and no apprentice. By the door up top another Witch with a full warband. Finally in the top corner is an Illusionist and his merry band.

Things got off a bit slow with people moving in and not wanting to start trouble. The Witch in the North promised to leave the Illusionist alone, which everyone assumed was code for I am attacking you.

Here we are into turn 2. As you can see people are heading in a trolls and werewolves and starting to show up, mostly in the empty part of library.

Here we are after some more time has passed. The 2 witches are really starting to run into each other now, but still not to much blood shed. The Illusionist is staring down a big troll, and the same for the Chronomancer.

Now things have degenerated rather rapidly. The Beastmen were coming between some rows of bookshelves to threaten the Witches. So she climbed up on a shelf and put a bone dart into that guys skull killing him right out! Meanwhile the Chronomancer managed to mind control his troll for just long enough to convince it to attack the Witches. The Illusionist is still trying to deal with his troll, and has not got the attention of a werewolf as well!

A beastman has now climbed up in the stacks to try and get some revenge on the Witch so things are looking grim there. But on the plus side her apprentice and pals have took out the Troll, and are now looking for loot. Although the werewolf has wandered over to the middle. The Chronomancer is grabbing everything not nailed down, and the Illusionist is playing a solo game vs the Troll and there also seems to be an Angry Djinn.

Well here is the last photo I have. You can see the death knight about to behead the witch apprentice. The barbarians are about to fight a yeti sneaking up behind the bookshelf. The red guy with the spear is with the Chronomancer he just has to fight off the guys by the scroll. The Illusionist has finally after many turns managed to take out the troll, and then banished the Djinn with ease!

At the final tally the Chronomancer has 3 treasures so was the winner, everyone else had just 1! Except possible the Illusionist had 2.

So that is our big game of Frostgrave, lots of crazy adventures in the Great Library. Hard to keep track of what is going on, but I hope you at least get a kick out of the pictures.



  1. Great pics Mike, thanks again for hosting!

  2. The game was great, very chaotic but lots of fun.

  3. Thanks for coming guys. Yes definitely chaotic hah that is half the fun. sometime I would like to try out some scenarios which don't revolve around getting treasures off the board. There are some interesting ones in other game systems like mordheim maybe. I guess the next thing is to play some more Saga games thou.

  4. Something with a bit more narrative would be good -- I think the Golem scenarios were a step in the right direction (and I think there was another set of linked scenarios).

    My Franks should be ready for Saga by September

  5. Sounds good I will have to work on some new Saga stuff as well then. Hopefully some Russian reinforcements.