Thursday, 25 August 2016

Battle Report - By Fire and Sword - Swedish Detachment - Polish Skirmish

Hello All,

Time for another battle report. Once again we are playing By Fire and Sword, since I just finished painting the Swedish Detachment I was excited to try it out, so Serge agreed to go along with that. We based things loosely on the Battle of Drischau, where before the battle the King of Sweden was scouting and got surprised by some Poles and had to flee back. So we did the 'Delay the Enemy' scenario, so as the Swedes it is my job to escape units off the Polish table edge, and also capture 2 hills, which start the game under Polish control.

Here we are after the first moves. The Poles had to set up first and stuck most of their stuff at the halfway mark, but also could put a unit on the hill forward and put the Panceiri up there. To counter I put my dismounted dragoons and a regimental gun 24" back from them so I would get a nice shot before their charge completed, put my other dragoons to busy the main cavalry, and my big unit of Reiters to slip by off the flank. My hope is to capture the front hill with the infantry, and get the Reiters off the board, that should be enough to eke out a victory.

Of course the Panceiri were not interested in my bait unit so they charged my dragoons instead! Crap

Well discretion being the better part of valor my dragoons decline the invitation from the panceiri and just moved straight ahead just out of reach of their charge! Hah take that. My gun line was able to re-position to get some shot in. They have to disorder the Panceiri or my dragoon and in big time trouble. The Cossacks in the back and my Riters just moved around, and the Polish light cavalry began to shoot bad things at my dragoons.

Seems like I missed the pictures for a turn. Well the Panceiri were disordered which saved the dragoons for a bit, and the Cossacks and my Reiters are about to meet. My Colonel now commands the top of the hill! So no my Dragoons were about to be charged by the Panceiri again, so they just about faced dropped to single file and came back through. Sadly the light cavalary has been able to keep shooting them, so they are about to flee. Up top the Cossacks and my Reiters shoot each other, and the Reiters loose a base and have to test, and flee! crap I was so close.

Next turn my Reiters failed to rally and fled again, I just let the dragoons go. My gun and infantry headed for the hills while everyone else got ready for some charging. The Cossacks of course ran over the the gun, but missed my infantry on the pursuit, and for a second time I was able to disorder the Panceiri with shooting, and killed a base so they withdrew.

On the last turn my Reiters now recovered tried to charge the Cassocks, but they about faced and moved back just out of range. I then faield the test for a failed charge and had to pull back out of range. My infantry was able to get a toe on the hill to reclaim it, but then got shot allot of times.

So in the end it was one hill each, and the Polish got an extra point as I got nothing off the edge. So it was technical a draw, but I don't feel super successful!

I am really finding that this game is getting to be more and more fun as we get more games in, so that is really good. Before it was mostly units lining up and charging into each other, but now there is allot of slipping just out of reach and moving around and stuff which is pretty fun! Hopefully I will even win a game someday hah.


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