Thursday, 11 August 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Breeding Grounds

Hello Folks,

Time for another battle report. This time we were back to playing some Frostgrave. Trying out some stuff from the new Breading Pits book. Mainly it's about having adventures underground in cramped areas with traps and secret passage. I don't have a table for that, but I decided to set up something using the dungeon saga tiles. I just turned one of the mouse pad mats upside down to use as a base to stop them sliding. We used the rules they have to open close doors, none of them are locked, and I just put down what terrain I had to make it look a bit better. We dropped the measuring of range and said every square is 1" and just round everything up. Simple way to do it but I think it is fine. Makes all the area spells a bit bigger maybe and some things move faster but I don't see a big deal. Oh we also said that dogs can't open doors.

We played the breeding pits scenario. Basically there are treasures and monsters come in every turn. We added one stipulation only which is that you have to take the treasures off the other person area as we are trying to explore through the dungeon and run into each other. I took my Witches and a few guys and Serge had an Elementalist.

For the first turn we are mostly just getting out of the start. The elementalist party splits in half right away, but I am being a bit more careful.

On turn 2 Gandalg the white moves up with some guys going for a treasure by the well. I don't really want to charge out and fight all those guys at the same time, so I decided to play peekaboo with imps. I just get the Templar to open the door, my Witch makes and Imp and then I close the door again so it goes after him hah. I did that like 3 times. Meanwhile my apprentice heads further in but now has to fight a dog, and my archer treasure hunter and dog go for a treasure by the gargoyles and to cause trouble. The rest of the elementalists guys are spread out grabbing everything not nailed down.

Here is the last picture I took, Gandalf was withdrawing so I gave up on my Imp distraction. My treasure hunter got butchered trying to hass the guys by the double doors so I just took the treasure and brought everyone back together. My apprentice and her 3 guys are doing good killing dogs and skeletons and collecting treasures. The Templar is about to get in a big battle with a crazed monkey which is not going well. Lastly a two headed troll is about to show up in the furnace room.

We ran out of time at this point, but just left it set up. So tune in next week for the exciting conclusion. So far I am liking the set up with the tiles and small corridors, somehow it feels like it matters allot more where people go.

I was unsure about wether or not I should post half a battle report like this, but I decided eh whatever.



  1. The first (semi) Breeding Pits battle report I've seen, and it looks great - can't wait to see how it ends :)

  2. Looks like a fun game, did you roll any traps or secret passages?

  3. Thanks folks!

    No secret passages yet, just the one trap but might get some in part 2 who knows.