Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Painting - Lost Patrol (Warhammer 40k)

Hello Folks,

So I decided awhile back to get a copy of the Lost Patrol game (I assume it is similar to space hulk but in a jungle) and paint it up for my Brothers birthday. I procrastinated a but and got off to a slow start, but had it done in no time once things really got rolling. The one thing I noticed about this once I started on it is that none of the models are new, they are just put in a new box. So that is a bit lame if you ask me. The Genestealers sprue has 2004 printed on it! So I would think it is time for them to stop selling us the same things and make a new sculpt or 2. But they are not bad models or anything so it is what it is.

Space Marine Scouts:

Here are the scouts, painted as Black Templars instead of Blood Angels as per the box, to fit in with an existing army a bit better.

Infestation Counters:

Infestation counters, I am guessing that these are objectives for the scouts to kill, or maybe spawn points? Not sure I never looked at the rules I just painted the things.


And finally a dozen Tyranid monsters. Seems like allot for 5 scouts to kill to be honest. I am pretty happy with how these guys came out, purple skin and blacks claws is cool. But they are maybe a bit flat if I am honest.

No it is back to finishing off those Ronin sets I guess.

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