Thursday, 18 August 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Breeding Grounds - Part 2

Hello Folks, time for part two of this game as we were able to finish it off yesterday.

So here is where we started things off. I have 2 treasures near the bottom, and I want to move counter clockwise up to the top, and the dirty elementalist has 4 treasures and wants to go the opposite way. I moved my wizard up to open the door to the troll room, and then moved my apprentice to cast a grenade spell hoping to blow up a couple of Serge's guys and even the numbers. But I did no damage and left both of my spell casters standing together, hmm... My templar finished off the rat man and I moved everyone along. I had a secret passage this turn from rolling a 20 on imitative. I ussed it to get my dog right into the enemy wizard, but he just died.

next turn you can see how everyone is kind of moving around the clock. The elementalist mage is securing the escape route. My 2 mages got blasted real good by an elemental ball and took some damage, and then both got locked into combat by a dog. I was able to get slippery pete over to help out, but he was wounded so no dice. I got the dog in the very end, but it wasn't exactly on my terms! My mages both had beauty up but that didn't help either.

Next round the bad guys archer had fast act so got to go first and put in arrow into my wizard, killing her. When my apprentice finally got to go I tried for a nice grenade, but failed by 10 taking 2 damage, with only 2 left that was a dead apprentice, not good! In a last desperate move I sent in my Templar to fight everyone! While my 2 guys with treasure tried to slink away as ever more monsters showed up.

I rolled another 20 for initiative, but no wizards left. Still this helped greedy geoffry there with his big chest slip into the next room. My Templar of course rolled a 4 vs a 20 for the thief if I remember right, but she died on the first roll anyway leaving me with 2 guys! I waited a week for this??

We kept it going, because why not. But it is us vs the monsters now really. I had not much to fight while a giant frog hopped around confused. The elementalist infantry man made short work of a zombie. But then Drachnok the Destroyer (major demon), decided to arrive, so maybe it wouldn't be so easy after all.

Elementalist minions with treasures running for the exit before Drachnok starts some trouble, looks close.

But no they are able to jam the small hallway with boddies, so everyone can get off. In the end it was 2 treasures for me and 4 for gandalf there with his floppy white hat.

I got some fun treasures, but then remember to roll for injuries. Both my treasure hunter died, and then even my apprentice died from wounds! So that is it for this party I think hah. Gandalf over there did much better with a tower and kennel and some magic sword trinket.

Was a fun game but really didn't go my way! I think this is a more fun game played like this thou but there are good points with both. I really need to paint the doors thou.


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