Monday, 29 August 2016

Painting - Variety

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update. Well at this point I have lots of stuff that I really want to work on so I am getting pulled in all kinds of directions. So all kinds of variety is going on.

Swedish Dragoons:

First up I have some dragoons I did to add in to my Swedish force. Different models from the ones in the starter set, they are in a shooting pose. I like these a bit better personally, but not a huge difference.

Kingdom Death Monster:

I also finished the two female starter survivors from the Kingdom death set. Pretty happy with how they turned out. Lots of flesh to paint.

Next up I have some spies that I got from hasslefree. The idea is to use them as a team of survivors for the Zombie stuff that Duncan is doing, but I am not really sure how appropriate they are for that. But really this was just an excuse to paint some models I found cool.


Here we have Sterling Archer the most dangerous spy in the world, and his associate Lana Kane. They are more in the loud type of spy as you can see with all the machine guns hah.

James Bond (Craig):

Next up we have of course 007 with his Walther PPK. Ready for dinner even during the apocalypse.

Felix Leiter:

Then we have Felix Leiter of the CIA, checking on the time. He has a much bigger gun which is probably smart all things considered. I painted to look like the Felix from the newer movies which was kind of a stretch if I am honest, mainly due to no beard.

Agent Goodnight:

Then I have agent Goodnight, am the least happy with this one. It wasn't part of the spies pack I just wanted a spy lady. This model is a bit short (looks worse in picture due to leaning forward). But I dunno just doesn't look like any of the Bond ladies, which I guess it wasn't supposed to so fair enough. Will keep an eye out for a replacement maybe.

Hazmat Team:

Finally I have a hazmat team, because why not! Flamethrower, Geiger Counter, and computer. Would have got some with guns also but they were sold out. But on second way I like it this way.

Full Government Services Group:

So here is the full group of the improbable alliance, a 2 MI6 Agents, a CIA Agent, and 2 Independent spy agents, along with some Hazmat guys, ready to solve the Zombie apocalypse. Or possibly make it worse by blowing stuff up, and getting drunk.

Actually I find these to be quite fun to paint, so now I am wondering if I could do some kind of a pulp type game, but set in modern times basically. Spies and all that, maybe can use the Batman game rules and modify or maybe something else. But could be interesting. An excuse to do some fun weird stuff anyway. I still have an alternate Archer sculpt and a Captain O'neil from stargate as well.

Heavy Gear Blitz Terrain:

I also got in the Heavy Gear kickstarter stuff last week. There is a possibility that I will try out a game this week so I was inspired to paint some terrain I have had lying around for years. Have some of the models put together, but no painted yet.

So that is the random bunch of stuff I have gotten done lately. Moving around all over the place really.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 266 (+1- Spies)
Painted: 312
Total: +46



  1. Those look really good.

    The spies should work fine as survivors (if slightly bettter dressed than your average survivor!)

  2. those look great Mike...the Hasslefree look great!! Nicely done.

  3. Thanks!

    I sure like the Hasslefree stuff. But I wish that guy would spend less time make naked people are arguing with people on face book, and more time making the shit I want!

    So who is getting that banana suit guy hah?

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