Monday, 8 August 2016

Painting + Game Pictures - By Fire and Sword

Hello All,

So this past weekend we had a Renaissance gaming day down at the club. I was organizing some By Fire and Sword games, and there was some people playing Field of Glory as well. Since there was some action for this game I decided to paint up a few more Curiassier for for Holy Roman Empire. Just a couple of packs I had picked up at Cold Wars to expand the base Skirmish force a bit.

Not a ton of guys just a couple of bases of unarmored, and a couple with armor. I also want to add some more dragoons, but Wayland games is being crazy slow about shipping them!

With all the excitement I have finally started working on my Swedes again that have been on my desk for years.

Gaming wise we had 4 people at the club plus me so I didn't end up playing just running things. But we had Polish, Ottoman, Transylvanian, and Imperial Skirmish forces.

I only took a few pictures. In the first round we played separate games with Polish vs Transylvania, and Ottomans vs Imperials. The scenario was capture the ford. Here you have a column of Household Cavalry and a column of Panceiri battling it out on a bridge!

For game two we adding it all together and played take and hold. In this one you are trying to control and hill and it's approaches (the 2 houses). Without all the bridges and rivers there was allot more room to spread out. In this game the Polish and Imperials were able to push back the Ottomoans and their Transylvanian allies.

Also big thanks to the guys that painted armies specially for this

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  1. The game was a lot of fun -- more so that I expected really (though I do feel you should be able to get a good result while robbing!)

    I will probably pick up some more Transylvanians in the not too distant future

  2. I don't think I read the full table of results, but I believe it is just different shades of bad. The Holy Romans are actually supposed to roll for desertion as well but I forgot about that. It is hard to keep track of all of the special rules! I think robbers would be less bad for a bit bigger of an army since it only affects one unit, so at least there would be a chance of them not getting in trouble.