Monday, 22 August 2016

Painting - By Fire and Sword Swedish Detachment & Kingdom Death

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting post of what stuff I have gotten do lately. After our successful By Fire and Sword day at the club I was inspired to start working on my Swedish Skirmish set. This one is from the first kickstarter so I have had it for quite awhile, even have had a few painted guys on my desk for years from this. So finally got it finished which is pretty cool.

Swedish Detachment:

In this starter set you get 4 bases of Reiters, 4 of Dragoons foot and mounted, a regimental gun, and a commander. Bit of a more interesting mix then most of the Skirmish Forces as you can have some foot troops and a cannon. I have another blister of Dragoons I am working on to add to this, which is just 2 more. But that allows my to get to the next level of stuff as they have changed things around a bit in the newer list. It is just 2 bases of Dragoons so should be easy.

Kingdom Death:

I also started working on some of the models for the Kingdom Death board game as a side project, plan is to get enough to give it a try when my brother comes to visit in September. This is the first half of the starting survivors, so 2 more and then a couple of monsters, no big deal.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 256 
Painted: 296
Total: +40

Oops almost forgot to add the pledge status, almost at 300 now nice!