Thursday, 1 June 2017

Battle Report - Maurice Game 2

Hello All,

Well with Cangames now truly over Wednesday Wargaming is back on, so it's time for another Battle Report! Playing 6mm War of the Spanish Succession again with Maurice. Changed up the advantage cards a bit, I went with re-roll hits for charging infantry again, and switched massed formation for re-roll disruptions for artillery. The British kept re-rolling disruption from volley fire, and added in an advantage for charging cavalry. I kept the same list as last time, as this is using literally every unit that I had, and the British dropped almost all of their artillery and picked up a bit more horse.

The scenario, if you want to call it that, is the same as before, I have an objective which is the hill. But really it is just a motivation for the 2 armies to clash and someone will break.

One thing I should note is that we made a pretty big mistake. We had units breaking when they had suffered 4 disruptions, but it should be when they have more then the number of bases, so 5. This made units slightly more brittle I guess.

Here we are after a couple of moves, the British cavalry are coming in straight from my infantry line, meanwhile my artillery is bombarding away at their infantry.

Brits move again to setup some charges.

My artillery breaks one unit with lucky bombardments, the artillery advantage card is really helping to convert hits into disruption. The British mounted come in and break a unit, but take a couple of disruption from charging and are left in musket range.

With that situation I am able to fire some shots and put even more disruptions on the front units. This forces the cavalry to charge again, but with worse odds. The end result of the shooting and charging is that 2 units of cavalry break, and a unit of my infantry takes a disruption or 2.

I decided to start moving my infantry around a bit to try and catch the other mounted that we flanking. The cavalary formation had broken up and was fragmented and disrupted so they needed a few turns to re-organize so I thought it would be good to keep the pressure on those units. I really do not want to be fighting the British infantry at all as their volleys are lethal!

I loose another infantry unit to mounted charges, but destroy another unit with the artillery. I guess at this point we are not to far off in terms of lost units, but I have been rolling better on army morale so am in a better place. Basically for every unit that is broken your army morale goes down by D3, as you can see I still have 12 on my card, and the British have half that or less.

The British line finally launches itself forward. By this point they are going to be attacking on a pretty narrow frontage, so I am hoping I can charge and get a couple of units for the army break before things really go pear shaped. Luckily on unit is hurting from the artillery bombardments.

In the end I break an infantry unit in a charge, but loose one from volley fire. This put me at 9, so 3 lost units could break me, but puts the British at one point! There is in event card in the deck that gives your army morale a boost, but I have that, so I pretty confident the Brits are done. In the next volley phase, another unit of cavalry is killed which breaks them. So pretty close game but this time a win for the French. I felt it played better this time, allot faster. The advantages that give re-rolls sure are effective and change how things go down.

So there was another 6mm WSS game, next week we are going to test out The Walking Dead Zombie game! Unless we can get Mr. Stan to play frostgrave, also I am doing a Western game on Sunday so you will most likely get a report for that as well.


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