Thursday, 22 June 2017

Battle Report - Carnage - 8th Ed. Warhammer 40k!

Hello Everybody,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battle Report! The big news last week was the release of the latest version of Warhammer 40k, I used to play this game allot but haven't been doing much lately. But they made allot of changes for the new game so I was excited to give it a go. We decided to try the new multi-player rules with the new Carnage Scenario.

I set up 3 armies, Eldar and Tau both at 750 points, these are armies that I have had for a long time. I don't have any other that big so I took just 500 points of imperial guard for myself to try. Basically everyone gets a patrol detachment to play around with.

The Carnage scenario is just a battle for a point in the middle basically, whoever has the most models there at the end of a turn gets a point. At the end of the game if you are the last man standing you win a major victory, otherwise most points gets a minor win.

Not so many pictures this time around, we were having fun and also my phone died. Stan sent along a few to help out so I was able to get a report out of it.

Here we are getting going, Eldar on the top left, Tau on the top right, and humans on the bottom by the first, I got my bullgryns with their big shields up front, and some storm troopers in the sky to come down later. I ended up going last this turn which was helpful.

Here we are on the next turn. The basic troops of the Eldar and Tau have done a good job murdering each other. All of the dire avengers and the big unit of Tau Fire warriors have been killed. Some crisis battle suits have landed on a hill to blast people.

I brought in my storm troopers one unit on the objective to score an early point or 2, and some to fight the Eldar Warp Spider behind the big rock. This didn't really work out and I don't think anyone died. My big guys charged the smaller Tau suits, so stop them from really killing me with their guns, but they proved hard to kill.

The Warp Spiders were teleporting around and killing allot of my storm troopers, which is not good! So I sent in my Lord Commissar to stab them real good with his sword!

Half expected him to die, but he killed half of those guys! Around now the aliens decided to for an evil alliance and try to topple the empire. You can never trust aliens.

From here we eventually moved on to a big punch up in the middle. This is great if you have some large angry ogre guys! All told I had 3 ogres and my commander, there were 3 battle suits, and 1 eldar, so I got a third point. No one was really getting killed in the battle and we ran out of tie so it ended there with a minor victory for me. But the Tau still have all their best stuff alive, and the Eldar crack close combat squad could get in there as well also. But in order to win they would ahve to murder every guy as there are only 5 tuns so that seemed tough.


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