Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Painting - Frostgrave Ulterior Motives Terrain & Modern Adventurers

Hello All,

Right about time for another painting update. Got some cool stuff finished in the last little period. Some new terrain bits for the last Frostgrave Nickstarter, and some more modern guys. They are for either Zombie Survival games, or Spy Games, a bunch of them can go either way.

Frostgrave Terrain:

First up here is the new terrain set for Frostgrave. A magic gateway, statue, rune store, secret door, pit, and tomb. They have a new set of 40 cards that give you random secondary objectives, so this will entail setting up possibly some of these items and then you will have interact with them during the game. For example there is one where you start off with a cursed treasure and if you can toss it down the pit you get a bunch of experience. Sounds pretty cool to me, and some neat terrain either way. I gather that the door way is meant to stand up by a wall.

Hitman, Angry Axe Man, and Gun Guy:

For the first of the modern adventurers I have these 3 guys, all from Hasslefree. I think they had a sale way way back so I picked up a few guys to use as enemies for the Spies I did a while ago. Basically just randomly got some models I thought were cool!

Ex-Army, King Pin, Mad Fireman:

Next trio I have is a former military guy, cool hat and a beard anyway. Then there is the King Pin, he looks allot like the comic book character, so I went with the classic purple pants. I guess he will be the crime boss of this group of criminals. Finally is the fireman with a pistol and a smaller but still pretty big axe. I decided to go with a black fire outfit, not really sure why just seemed like the way to go. Everyone around here seems to have the brown ones, but in google I could find some black ones so they do exist!

Jack, Mechanic, Jogger Girl:

And the last of the hassle free stuff for now. Here is Jack who looks allot like the main character from Stargate so I went with that. Then there is a mechanic type guy, I gave him the bag a wrench so he can be a guy to get objectives, or smack a zombie with the wrench I guess. Have a second version of him, they give you 2 bodies and 4 hands. The other one has a gun but not sure I still have the 4th hand as I didn't notice this right away... Last is a lady with a gun, big boots and a pistol, happy to shoot zombies or spies I am sure.

Knick Knack and Jaws:

Finally for today is this duo of Bond henchmen. Pretty obviously based on their movie counterparts. Couldn't resist painting these guys just fun! They are from crooked dice not hassle free. I tossed in a guy from the last group to act as a bit of a scale. Jaws is quit big, and Knick Knack quite small!

I still have a few more hassle free guys left, like half a dozen army guys basically. But I have started on the next thing, and need to get some fancy bases from them so that won't happen until later. But hopefully these guys were cool enough!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 134 
Painted: 180
Total: 46