Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Painting - Western Civilians

Hello All,

Time for some more painted stuff. Due to the Western game in the last post I had been painting a few more Western guys. Having a game upcoming always puts you into the mood to do a few more guys, now for some reason I seem to enjoy gathering civilians for this so I ended up mostly doing them!

Mysterious Dave:

First up thou is this guy, I think I got the name of the pack right. At Cold Wars they often have someone selling the Knuckle Duster range, so I thought I would grab a pack or 2 and see how they were. This guy is from their 32mm range. I find this to be a great model, easy to paint and to me fits in fine with the rest of my guys, others may have different thoughts thou! I will most likely grab a few more that seem neat next time I am there. What I really want to add now is a gang of mountain men, prospector or trappers if that makes sense.

Rogan's Bar Civilians:

Next there is this set of civilians that someone sells to match the 4 Ground bar, either 4 ground themselves or great escape I forget. Anyway they are not bad, sweeping guy, lady, and bar man. They could have given the lady a beer or something and it would be much better, but still cool.

Bank Civilian's:

The second set, from the same source, is the bankers. I guy with the books, a guy surrendering, and a patron. I like these ones better, they seem to fit in better I dunno. The hands up guy is cool thou hah, need them for bank robberies!


Also glued the church together, which was in the last post but I am putting it here also! Been delayed on this on due to continuously forgetting to get the right glue. The stuff I have now dries a bit fast and is a bit thick for this, but I added water and made do. The door didn't not fit super well for me so that is slightly jammed is the only issue. The Barn for horses and the brothel are the only main things I am missing now! But I also want to get more interior furniture as well. But the next thing will hopefully be a mining site, maybe for the next game whenever that is.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 114 
Painted: 169
Total: 57



  1. Looking good Mike, nicely painted...the building looks great.