Thursday, 15 June 2017

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Ulterior Motives

Hell Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Frostgrave and had 3 players, trying out the new Ulterior motives cards. Each person has a secret objective, or semi-secret as it turned out objective that they are trying to accomplish in addition to getting treasure. They are allot of fun and a good change up.

So as for wizards we had:

Me: Witch
Serge: Elementalist
Wizard Stan: Necromancer

Lots of scary spells and warriors and what not. The Necromancer was a new wizard just starting out, but the rest of us had a few games with some treasures and bases and what not. I guess 4 or 5 games something like that.

My secret goal was to get people to investigate my pit and then survive to loot it myself. I put it in the big fancy gate which was maybe not smart. Both of the other guys had to do stuff with zombies, towards the middle of the table. Treasures are all over the place really, we had 7 of them!

Here we are early on, my treasure hunter on the left sneaking up to some loot I put on top of the fancy gate, some bad people climbing the rock way in the back to stop him. I have some thugs about to climb the vilage for a treasure stored up there. My dog is way up front behind a bolder. The Necromancer and his goons are advancing into the cemetery, and the Elementalist is just everywhere!

Next turn everyone starts grabbing all the loot. I have my guy climb up to get the roof treasure, the treasure hunter goes in for the gate treasure which had been moved away from him with telekinesis. My dog took a pretty big bite out of the Necromancer, but then a bunch of soldiers ended him. The Necromancer consolidated some treasures and put up a fog bank to cover their retreat. The Elementalist completed his card which was to capture a zombie that had a necromancy scroll on it so he could copy it. This turned out to be a scroll to summon a zombie. I think this turn also the other zombie objective was completed which was for that zombie to just be killed. But we also got a bit of experience for being around it.

The time for smash and grab is now starting to dwindle. There is still a bit of a battle behind the fancy gate. But my apothecary had a horn of destruction and used it to open a whole in the board planks underneath the 2 enemy soldiers who were opposing me. I was able to grab the treasure, but the apprentice or crossbowman got a shot in taking him down to one health! But I was able to fall back and bring up a soldier to support and cover. So that one is limping back. Various other battles going on, with an ineffective shot here and there.

My guys running for cover, allot of the treasures are off now, the Elementalist and Necromancer both have 2, and 2 Knights from the Elementalist have the one from the center in their control. I don't have any yet, but one is close and the other I am holding behind the gate. Sometime around now a treasure hunter walked past the pit so I got my bonus card exp.

By this point it's pretty clear who has what treasures and everyone is retreating basically. So we decided to do a few more activations and call it good.

In the end everyone made out pretty well, I think everyone got 2 or 3 levels. We rolled allot of spell books, I got 2 of them! But learning new spells is kind of cool always good to have more options. But there is a tendency to end up with them being borderline uncastable. I have strike dead at 20! I had a bunch of money so I hired a captain to replace my dog that got killed and fired a thug and got a bard. Have to set that up for next time, not exactly sure what the other went for.



  1. excellent report Mike. The table looked great and that Necromancer, what a prince! I like the ulterior motives, adds a nice touch to the game.

    1. Ya it is pretty nice, some neat terrain bits also. Need to give it another go to see some more of the cards, hopefully they don't all involve zombies!

  2. What a stunning battlefield Mike...Surperb!!

    1. Thanks! Try to add a few bits here and there. Soon time to make a new table maybe.