Monday, 5 June 2017

Battle Report - Dead Man's Hand

Hello Folks,

Time for another battle report, this past Sunday was our club day so I brought along some Western stuff to have a game. Ended up with 4 players, so we had Desperados, Outlaws, Lawmen, and Pinkerton's Detective Agency.

In the bigger scenes it is starting to be allot of players for this game, and I didn't have tons of cards so we had to use half decks only, but it worked out fine.

Scene 1: Poker Gone Bad

For the first scene we had a poker game that went sideways. Everyone started with 1 guy in the Bar near a lady with cards, and one guy elsewhere. The idea being that someone was caught cheating in the game (Outlaw?) which broke into a fight and got their friend involved.

At the end of this scene most of the Law and Pinkertons were still around and most of the Outlaws and Desperados were down with one in Jail.

Scene 2: Jail Break

Giving the Narrative from the first game it made sense to move on to a jail break for the second scene. We put one model from each of the bad guy gangs in jail to be rescued, and one eave from the Pinkertons and Lawmen to hold them. Both bad guy gangs had the rest of their guys about to storm the marshals office, with a lesser number of Pinkertons and Lawmen nearby to try and stop them. Thins went badly almost immediately and the Pinkertons played a card on the Shotgun out law storming in the resulted in him also being in Jail!

The gunfight blazed in the streets with both sides taking some hits, particularly around the church. With a rifle armed desperado on the roof of the bar providing some good over watch type of fire.

Eventually the Outlaws boss got beaten up in a fist fight, and put in jail, at this point we had twice as many guys int he slammer as before, and lots of other bad guys down in the dirt, so clearly not a real successful jail break!

Scene 3: Ambush

Well given how that went the Lawmen are now pretty overly confident so we decided half of their guys would be in the bar having a drink, with half in reserve. This left all of the bad guys to launch an attack on the bar and get some revenge!

All kind of guns fights blazing away, everyone trying to get in on the action.

A pair of outlaws with shotguns storming the door, which you would think would be dangerous, but they got nowhere! We very nearly got to shoot the Sheriff in behind the Marshals office, but that devil escaped! In the end despite a bunch of Lawmen being gunned down, the Outlaw and Desperado forces were devastated so they eventually lost their nerve and packed it in. This town is safe, for now!

Was a fun outing, this game is real simple, but has a pretty good flow and leaves you free to set up a cool scene with lots of buildings and civilians and what not which I enjoy. Hope you liked it the report/ pictures!


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  1. Good looking game Mike...sorry I had to miss. The table and buildings look great!