Monday, 26 June 2017

Painting - Late Romans

Hello Folks,

Been furiously painting some Romans for the last couple weeks, under allot of pressure from certain quarters to get these done! A starter warband from Footsore, pretty nice stuff overall, a couple of the mounted guys are missing thumbs which is not amazing but can't be to picky I guess. Spears are all brass ones from Perry. The shields all ahve transfers from Little Big Men Studios, which are really great can't recommend them enough.

Red Pedites:

First unit is pretty uniform with chainmail and shields, ready to stab some Goths in the face.

Blue Pedites:

The second group has a bit more variety, half of them have cloaks and armor, and half are just wearing shirts. I think eventually the blue guys may become hearthguard on foot, so I gave them fancier shields, and the no armor guy might become levy, so they get less matching less fancy ones! But for now second unit of warriors ready for action.


Finally for today I have the mounted Hearthguards, they are the most fancy, so I tried to go with the most fancy shields. But if I am honest I kind of like the red and yellow so the other unit will likely get those. I decided to go with black leather for the horse furniture so it stands out more with the brown horses. I believe that all horses and brown FYI....

So that is all I have completed for now, another mounted unit being worked on, and then just the warlord to finish. Should be able to get that done over the long weekend without much trouble!

Hope you like them I think they came out pretty sharp.

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