Monday, 19 June 2017

Battle Report - Double Feature

Hello Folks,

Lots of games to play this past weekend. We had our club day and there I played a late war game of the new Flames of War version. Then I Saturday I got to try out another game of The Walking Dead All Out War, this time in a grocery store which was pretty cool. I thought about doing 2 separate posts but in the end I don't have that many pictures really so I decided I could just combine them!

Flames of War: German Infantry vs Btitish Tanks in Hasty Attack

I took I guess my usual German infantry list, which is based on the Storm Company. Lots of machine guns, rockets, and mortars to fight infantry, and panzerfausts, anti-tank guns, and a HS129B3 incease I have to fight tanks. We used the more missions PDF as we have been doing to generate the missions. I had a feeling the Nick would select a prepared attack having a tank force. I didn't really want to defend and do a defensive battle as you have to dig in a sit there and wait to happen. Picking the same thing forces a meeting engagement like free for all or encounter which is also a bit lame, so I elected to do a hasty attack. We then rolled and got the Hasty Attack mission with my infantry attacking the tanks!

All the terrain was supplied and set up by Nick, thanks to him looks great! Actually I was hoping to play Nick that day as he usually has a nice table.

Here we are after the first turn or 2. My infantry are all advancing towards the objective on the hill, getting ready to take it. The British were using some heavy expensive tanks so didn't get to deploy to many at the start which helped me out a fair bit! I have one platoon in the vineyards, one pressing through the town into the tree line, and another coming on from reserve, my pioneers. On the other side I just have a pair of guns on my single objective facing a platoon of British infantry in the field. Could be a problem if they are attacking aggressively and my reserves go badly.

The British have deployed their HQ tanks from ambush and are doing their best to shoot up my guys. Additionally the infantry feeling the pressure have come over to support. At this point they are doing pretty good I have been taking losses and one platoon is almost destroyed. I used the remanants to conduct a small assault on the hill tanks, was able to limit the defensive fire to just one tank. This resulted in a second kill, panzerfausts are very dangerous in assaults! But lost some more teams.

Here we are a bit later on. I have brought in all of my reserves now, some Panzerwerfers to shoot rockets, and some mortars to start blowing up the British infantry. The Infantry advanced into the town but between the mortars and heavy machine gun platoon they did not last to long. Mortars are pretty brutal now when they are able to repeat bombardments. On the hill I am getting a bit worried, one platoon is totally gone, along with my HQ. Also some stuarts have showed up to support and now there are way to many shots to think about assaults. But I am still trying to pick away with Panzerfaust shots, you can blitz now to get some more range out of them.

Here we are as the lst of the British reserves arrive, some achilles and more Churchill tanks. I had advanced my half tracked rockets to threaten the other objective, I was hoping that this would eith keep the reserves away from bloody hill, and force the British to split their force, or alternativly I could take it! They have dashed back to safety behind the woods now. In the town the British infantry are mainly eliminated. On the hill my Pioneers were feeling the heat and are greatly reduced so pulled back to the vineyard for cover and waited for my plane to do some more good works, which it did!

The British have some air support as well, a pair of close support typhoons! You would think this would be scary but turns out not at all. They have to range in every time so are generally just worse then mortars which is a bummer, could still get lucky thou! But they do now.

The Stuarts had moved around to the other side of the hill to murder my second in command who was threatening the objective and kept passing his last stand test, which they totally did. This left them close to the last of my pioneers thou. My plane killed one of the last remaining 2 and then I assaulted the last killing him. This left me with just 2 pioneers but fair enough. Starting to look good for me.

On the left hand side the British are forcing back the troops around my objective. If I am honest they can be one lucky shot away from killing the guns and having ti open! But on the hill my last platoon of infantry has been able to assault the HQ tanks resulting in some more dead churchills. This leave them with only one platoon on the board that is not support so their company breaks and the game is a win for the Germans! Felt close to me I only have 4 or 5 infantry teams left, and my other objective is not well secured at all, so could go either way I would say. It is a big advantage for the infantry companies that they can get allot more platoons that are not support so they have less to worry about company morale unless things go really badly!

The Walking Dead All Out War: Grocery Store

Now for something totally different, zombies! For this one the terrain is all supplied by Duncan,with mostly his zombies, and my survivors. I made some walking dead cards for the modern guy I posted yesterday so we could try out some new stuff. We hard Carl, Rick, Sandra, and Liam coming in the back of the store. And I had Ex-Army guy, angry axe man, the mechanic, and Jogger Girl coming in the front.

Lots of zombies to fight and supplies to find! My guys taking cover behind a flat pickup truck ready to fight in, the other team at the back door ready to fight in the storage room.

Not to much trouble for me to deal with the inital zombies while the threat is low. Angry axe man is good at killing them as you would expect. On the other side the Rick and Carl team is seeing similar success, also Liam is there?

I am able to slip in Jogger Girl through a broken window to try and get some supplies, but Sandra has slipped passed the zombies using her nimble ability and is already grabbing them! The Hospital zombie is also turning out annoying to eliminate.

At first we were getting good events and the zombies were manageable, but then pandemonium rained and they started to build up outside! At this point we both have 2 supplies and there are 2 left. But Sandra is very close to them! I think I made a mistake grabbing the first one with the Jogger as she had a limit of one, should have gone in more and left that to a slow guy.

Rick and Sandra grab the last of the loot, I was hoping to get a bullet or axe into Sandra and take some back but it didn't quite work out. The event cards gave us a big spike in threat also which ended the game, so it was 4-2 for Rick and his group! Really enjoyed the grocery store, there was a gas station as well on the other side of the road, but it wasn't really in the game as the store is pretty big and never made it's way into a picture.

Plan was to try some Fist Full of Kung-Fu as well, but neither of us had read the rules so it didn't work out. Liking the zombies thou, the ability to add your own characters is great! May want to slow down the threat a bit thou that is something to think of. One idea is to have bigger tables with a counter for each section. So you can move to the next area as each gets to high.



  1. The Walking Dead game is really quite good. The balance between the zombies and the survivors seems good and I think the random event cards could be tweaked based on the scenario.

    It was nice to get the grocery store into action, now I just have to paint up my other buildings!

    1. I agree, more buildings more Zombies, more fun! I need to paint my cards and barriers and what not as well, making good progress on the Roman now so I should get back around to it before to long.

  2. I was going to finish of my Italians before starting painting my Project Z survivors but I have decided to jsut skip to them now.

    The terrain set for the Walking Dead with the cars looks like it is worth getting (and the RV is tempting as well)