Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Battle Report - Club Day Flames of War

Hello Folks,

Time for another battle report. This past Sunday was the historical club day, after some debate it was decided that we would try out the V4 midway stuff. I arranged to play a game with Jay using the objective cards, constructed deck option.

I went for an infantry force and an armored car force and took all the recon based cards. Facing an American infantry and British tank company with kind of a variety of cards.

Starting positons,  lots of stuff everywhere.  My goal is to get the objectives and not fight to much, armored cars being not quite tanks!

First card for me is to bring a recon platoon to each of the 4 corners. So I get to work on that. But skipping the corner in the town which is quite well defended. Count as moving for this turn so no real effective shooting.

British card is to defend town after a few turns.

Here is the situation after a couple of turns. I got lucky with rolls so the first card hot me a bunch of points. I also used one to get rid of the town objective as the American infantry got close to scoring. Now I am trying to hold another recon objective in town. The tanks have been having a hard time close to breaking now but my cars are being whittled don as well. This game is turning out to be a shooting match between cars and half tracks!

 Overall shot. Not to much has changed, but the tank company broke. So that is good.

Next turn I was able to score in town putting me to 9 points. We agreed to 8 so that would be a win for me. But we decided to extend to 10 as it was early. The Americans are still only sit ting on 1 point thou so seems tough for them.

My first new goal was to kill the enemy hq. With the tanks gone I only had to kill 2 infantry guys. I got 1 but the other guy was able to avoid me. Meanwhile the Americans started to get on the board by killing an armored car platoon.

My next card was to get the corners again.  I thought I had this in the bag as I was on 2. But failed both rolls and got 0 points. This left me with a long drive to the far corner as no more cards would be coming. The Americans became interested in the pond both for hidden intelegence and then as an objective. So it was a race.

I lost this race by 1 turn! So after 10 points it was a win fir the yankee.

I quite enjoyed this one, the cards can be a good change up. Gives you some fun options as well. I would say the constructed decks seemed better to me vs totally random.


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