Monday, 18 June 2018

Battle Report - Star Wars X-Wing

Hello All,

This past Friday was our gaming club day, thus time we were set to play a game of X-Wing. We had 4 people so decided to play a 4 player game with 200 points per side.

We had a bunch of different ships with all kinds of pilots, but Vader, Luke, and Han Solo were all present so lots of heroes.

For my parents I took a tie defender, 2 tie interceptors, and vader in a tie advanced.

We just went fir the normal blow shit up scenario.

 As you can se I am on the left facing the X-Wings, Vader is going to yeah Luke tge error of his ways. On the right a bunch of fancy tie fighters against the milenimum falcon a b wing and e wing. Instead of asteroids we have a blown up Corellian Corvette.

Turn 1 is just an advance. All the ships flying in formation. We'll see how long that lasts.

Next turn more flying straight mostly and we exchange some long range shots. Eh nothing crazy really happened. At this point I decided to swing my defender back to the X-W8ng fight. I decided it would get confusing being on 2 dog fights at once. Also luke made me nervous. As you can see 1 interceptor is missing!

Now the action starts. Vader and the other interceptor got right in their smug faces. Looks like Solo has started sending ties to space heaven as well.

Vader and the defense got behind 1 X-wing and blow that guy up. So we are back in the game.

Next turn the defender gets another one,  but I loose the other interceptor as well. Not as much seems to be dieing on the other side. Not sure what game they are playing!

Finally Vader finishes the last X-Wing, let's say that was look but I don't really Rembert.  Now it's time for phase 2 where solo has to die.

Takes awhile to fly over and I start to notice a distinct lack of tie fighters!

Big mix up with the falcon in the middle. We were able to focus with all our ships doing a ton of damage.

Well no more flacon, so that is really good. On the other hand only Vader is left on the imperial side. At this point he remembered some important business on Mustafar so decided to leave. Thr rebels weren't abe to close the deal so Vader escaped.

In the end it turned out to be quite a fun game. Even thou I was pretty tired and getting grumpy towards the end. We will have to do some more Star Wars sometime on the  future.



  1. Did you unleash grumpy Mike? Anything like grumpy Stan?? LOL...sorry I missed it, I'm glad to see it went well.