Monday, 18 June 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades - Eastern Prices vs Muttawii

Hello Folks,

Yet another Battle cranking em out lately! On Sunday I got together with Duncan (good) for another game of Saga set in the age of crusades. I have the proper eastern dice so gave them ago against tge Muslim fanatics. Their name is impossible to spell / pronounce.

We got a dawn attack with forces spread out.

I put my archers on a big hill rest spread out. I kept my mounted in the back away from the nasty camels.

Turn 1 the fantics get set up.

I do the same, no oNE wants to make the first move.

Finally first blood. The fanatic hearth guard move like djinns and attack some mounted troops. I had a lords ability that gave them resilience 2, they piled on attack abilities until there armor was 1. In the end lost 1 guy for 2 but was exhausted.

My turn I rested and pulled back my mounted guys, and moved another infantry unit into the line. Also brought down my archers so they could start to do something. The Eastern Princes have a good defensive ability for foot units. You need to be out numbered but I am expecting to fight hearth guard so no problem.

The expected attack game pushing back my warriors and killing half. I used the feint ability to shift over another mounted unit on Duncans turn.

They used death blow to get another kill and moved away from camel range! My bows shot up the fanatic bows getting a few kills as well.

Then both sets of camels attacked. They pushed back one unit of warriors but slaughtered my half unit with no loss. I brought in my warriors to fight them and was lucky killing all 4! Finally used my warlord to kill the final guy from the foot unit. But he rolled box cars and left my man exhausted and surrounded by camels...

Oh shit.

So ya he died a glorious death.

I lost track of the pictures for the last turn or 2. But my mounted cleaned up most of the foot. The camels did the same but died in the process.

In the end the fanatics just had a warlord and 1 warrior left. So it was my turn for a pretty solid victory!