Thursday, 14 June 2018

Battle Report - Jovian Wars

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Jovian Wars, Time to try out some space ship battles. As discussed in the previous post I don't have everything completed so we are starting with a 100 point game to get going. Basically a medium sized ship and 4 - 5 squadrons.

I went with the Alexander Class Destroyer, plus some pathfinders, pathfinder recon, retaliator, and vindicator. Representing the forces of Jupiter.

With suck small fleets we decided to just set everything up and go for some murder. I set up a bit of an asteroid field to give some terrain.

The ships and ther escorts gaze angrily at each other. Serge has the Earth forces with a Constantinoble class.

Earth just advances some things faster then others.

My turn I moved up keeping 2 squadrons for cover and send 2 on a flanking mission. Tried some long range shots with extended sensor action but not much effect.

Earth advances dealing heavy damage to my pathfinder and starting some dog fights. We found out that the wyvern bomber with swarm missiles is pretty brutal.

I think this is a few turns later. I turned my ship and used a point defence action to deal heavy damage to a bunch of squadrons. Which was good as mine were taking a pounding, 2 already being wiped out.

We kept up the fire tending to focus more on squadron as they are easier to kill. Soon they were mostly gone and our ships started a slow lazy turn while they hammered each other.

Stop chashing me!

Turns out damaging ships is quite hard.

At the end no ships were killed. Mine had lost half its structure and the earth ship had multiple systems down.

So far I liked this game good to try something a bit different. Only complaints so far is that the rules are a bit rough, also big ships are a bit hard to kill it seems.

Going to give it another go soon at 200 so stay tuned!


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