Monday, 11 June 2018

Painting Update - Jovian Wars

Hello All,

Time for another painting update. About a year or so ago I think Dream Pod 9 had another Kickstarter, this time for a Spaces Ship game, Jovian Wars. Well finally I am getting around to painting my fleet (after much prompting!).

Had a bit of a slow start on these for whatever reason. I found it hard to get into, but after I had a couple of squadrons it all fell into place and I got done pretty quick. This is how these things go sometimes hard to get the momentum going!

So you get 2 big ships and some squadrons of fighters and Exos (big mechs).

Lancer Fighters:

Starting with the squadrons, I have 3 sets of lancers. The green squadron is a bomber (I think it's that one), they just have a small ball on the bottom. I actually quite like these. Note that the bases are 1" hexes so they are quite small.


Now here we have 3 squadrons of Pathfinder Exo suits. These are the basic units of the Jovian Fleet. If I have this right the left set are Snipers, the middle are normal, and the right group are pathfinders. I quite like these as well, ma have to add another squad or 2.

Retalitator, Vindicator, and Hector Squadrons:

Here we have some more ellite squadrons, or specialist I guess you could say. On the left are retaliators, vindicators in yellow, and Hectors in red. The Retalitors have better anti-capital ship missiles, the Vindicators have lots of weapons including a mass driver, and the Hectors are fast, having rocket boosters instead of legs!

Storm Rider:

Lastly on the Exo side I have the big Stormrider. This is the big beefy guy with huge guns and lots of missiles. A pair of pathfinders are escorts.

Alexander Class Destroyer:

Then I have the first capital ship, this is an Alexander Destroyer. Personally I think it came out pretty cool, I never had any huge issues getting it together, was easier then I would have thought. The only issue is there there are allot of sections longitudinally, so it is very difficult to have everything lined up and straight. Anyway this guy has some turret on the sides, and a prow gun. The ring has all the accommodation modules, and some cargo behind that.

I still have a Majestic Fleet carrier to paint which is even allot bigger, but will take me a bit more time to get that done. But this should be enough to get going so should have a battle report up on Thursday after we hopefully play on Wednesday!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 136 
Painted: 167
Total: 31


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