Thursday, 7 June 2018

Battle Report - Flames of War v4 Midwar

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week due to lazy Ness we are playing more midway flames of war. Carry on with the club day kind of thing. I changed out the infantry component of my last for Pazer 3s as I thought it would be more fun. Kept the armored cars thou.

We decided to play counter attack as I don't Rembert playing that much.

 Here's the set up. I have all my stuff in the corner with the bits directly across. The objectives are pretty open but they don't count until turn 6. I have to capture the the bits have to keep me away.

Turn 1 I advance. Sending my cars to the far objective. My tanks move on the British tanks hoping to knock them out while they are still split. Was able to get a couple of kills which is great.

The bits deploy their ambush in the wooded hill but have not much luck just a couple of bails. The crusaders move to engage my tanks. For my turn I stick to the same plan killing the other british commander.

The British finally get there reserves and everything shows up. They put heavy pressure on my cars killing some. But they are in trouble on the other side and need to get together and do some damage before there company breaks. On the plus side the crusaders kill my heavy platoon.

Feeling the danger the remaining ambush grant pulls back leaving his bailed buddy.

On my turn I was able to finish off that grant platoon and the crusader had fled. That left the bits with only 1 combat platoon in good spirits so it was a loss for them due to company morale!

Game 2:

That game was pretty fast so we decided to go again. But wanting a faster game we dropped the points to 50 and just played encounter. Also never really did the objectives right and just tossed them down. Assumption being that this game would be about blowing shit up!

I went for just 10 Panzer 3s, the bits had 8 grants and some cars.

Set up just some lines of tanks! I advanced and banged away but not much luck.

The bits fired back to similar effect but the cars b-lined straight towards an objective!

I sent some tanks to take care of them and hot a kill. The tank battle continued with the bits ganging up on my left unut. Start to get a scattered kill now.

Well this left the right brit objective open so I drove on it. Tanks continued firing away doing. ...not much.

This of course forces tge bits to fight back to hold there objective. Now there tanks are all fighting that platoon!

With ghe cars dead I am free to go back to fully fighting the tanks. But numbers are not really on my side now.

Lots of burning vehicles now! I can't turn my luck around and keep loosing vehicles.

Not long after its my turn to have a broken army, so a win for the bits.  1-1 todat!


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  1. Good games. I find that in edition 4 of flames of war that the Formations are really vulnerable. You need to combat platoons in good standing. Need to keep this in mind when putting my commander in the open.