Monday, 11 June 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades

Hello Folks,

Time for another Saga battle. Yesterday o got a chance to play another Saga game with Duncan (good). Still just playing the 1 scenario, but we have a fan made PDF so probably will give that a try as well.

I went for the Teutonic knights again having the right dice and all. Duncan once more took the moors and used a character I called obi wan and some black guards which are brutal. To make thins even worse some camel riders!!

In progress turn 1. We were suppodef to roll for exhaustion but forgot. Moors were player 1 buy didn't advance just set up some doom on the old battle board. I decided to just charge the camels. So I move up 2 units then charged with both.

This was a bit crap and I lost 2 knights from each unit trading for 4 camels.

The moors move over Obi Wan and charged the camels seeing off 2 more knights.

At this point I had my fill on camels so started moving up the foot. Shoot some safe pointy objects.

Camels kill the next 2 knights. At this point I am getting down on Saga dice and the writing is on the wall.

With the moors spreading disruption I decided to fight the levy. Go fir something easy! This was not exactly a great success but not bad either.

Sadly the black guard decided to get involved. Good by crossbows.


OK but surely knight can fight the black guard! Nah I lost all 4 to kill 1!

Then they murdered my warlord.

I by the end them game I was completely wiped out. Never added up the points but safe to call it a Moorish victory. Don't think I have seen a game of new Saga this one sided!

I had some pretty bad rolls at times, but Duncan was making all the right battle board moves so that is a that.

Was a fun game bound to be more soon.


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