Sunday, 21 December 2014

Event Report - SAGA Vassals Tournament

So we had our SAGA day after, ended up with 8 people which I thought was pretty good. Never managed to finish off the whole thing, but we got 2 of the games done and everyone seemed to enjoy it so that was pretty successful.

I never played after so I don't really have any reports of the games, just a bunch of pictures.

Round 1:

In round 1 we had 4 games, so every 3 feet of the table is a separate game. This was basically the learning the game mission, we had a bit less experienced then I would have thought but since I was not playing I could answer questions more easily, and Jeff really helped out on the far side.

12 feet of darkages, Vikings vs Normans in the closest game, the Anglo-Danish vs Vikings, Saxons vs Scots, and then Normans vs Scots on the far end. I think the winners were Vikings, Danes, Scots, and Normans going down in order.

Round 2:

For round two all the games doubled in size, and we were then playing the Challenge. This one has the warlord for each side out in the middle ready for a duel and the troops have to race in and rescue them and kill the other guy.

I think the closer battle ended up in another Danish victory as they killed the opposing warlord. The far game ended up as a draw basically, by the wording of the scenario it was technically a Viking victory but no one really had the upper hand.

Some of the other guys had a war of 1812 Naval battle going on.

So lots of activity going on for the last meeting of the year.


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