Thursday, 18 December 2014

King of Britain - SAGA Vassals Campaign

So tomorrow we are going to have a SAGA vassals tournament at the club (Ottawa Miniatures Gamers ), so I thought I should make a brief post with the rules of said tournament. The general idea is that when ever you beat a player (or team of players), the become your vassals and add a smaller warband to your which they control making later games team games. This continues until only 1 person is left undefeated and all other players are their vassals.

To start players may select a 4 point SAGA warband of their choice, with Heroes of the Viking Age allowed.

When a player becomes a Vassal there force is reduced to 2 points, and their Warlord is reduced to a Vassal warlord.

Vassal Warlord Stats:
Attacks: Melee 3, Shooting 2
Armour Melee 5, Shooting 6
Equipment Options as per options for that armies Warlord
Considered a Hearthguard and Activated as such (generates 1 SAGA Dice)
Benefits from the Determination Special Rule (Once per turn can be activated for free)
Ignore the first un-cancled hit in melee or shooting (limited resilience)

All other Warlord (and hero of Viking age) special rules are lots, especially 'Warlord's Pride'! hah.

Since there are 10 players the format will be as follows:

Turn 1: 1v1 games using the 'Skirmish' mission (first player to loose 2 saga dice loses the game) (4pt armies)
Table Size: 3'x4'

Turn 2: game A will be 4 players total (2 warlords and their vassal), playing 'The Challenge' (Pg. 65)
            game B will be a 3 side 'Feast for Crows' (Pg. 68) game (each side has main players + vassal), but the vassal that scored the most point will betral the winner and join the total force from game A.
Table Size: 6'x4'

Turn 3: A big game where each side has 1 warlord and 4 Vassals, will be t'Champions of God' (Pg 110),
Table Size: 12'x4'

As a bonus here is a shot of the 4 armies I am bringing, 1 for me and 3 loaners.

Pagan Rus: Took this before I finished off the enw warlord and Varagian Guard the other day, so have since swapped them in.



Saxon: (option to use Athelstan or a normal boring warlord)

Plan is to take some pictures of the event so should be a report over the weekend I guess.


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