Monday, 22 December 2014

Painting - Tau Cadre Fireblade

So planing to play some Warhammer 40k Kill Team games with my buddies back home over Christmas, so to that end I decided I needed to paint a new comander guy for my old Tau army as that is what I decided to use.

 It turned out pretty good, but the face is more white looking then I had intended but no big deal.

This is a plastic model, but annoyingly they don't give you any options at all, I don't like the fake knife he is holding so would have been nice to have an optional gadget or something, but not a big deal. It's just a quick job for 1 day of gaming really.

I kind of want to collect some fantasy stuff after Christmas to do something a bit different, and would like to use GW stuff, but the price is just brutal. This 1 guy was like 20 bucks and that is just not right.


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