Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Painting - Teutonic Foot Knights

Well I have been having trouble with procrastinating when try to start my Crusades project, something about all the mounted knights I guess. So I decided to get going I would just paint a few foot knights, makes sense to me.

So I have 4 guys from the Fireforge Games Teutonic Foot set, this is a really great plastic set, lots of models in there, you can make Knights or Sergeants even cross bow guys. They are nice also.

So plan is to start I will do a few SAGA armies, and then maybe work on some stuff specifically for Hail Caesar, will have to see how I get on with that. Mainly it's a question of what kind of game I want to do for Cangames as I will soon ahve to start painting stuff for that maybe, but I have allot of ideas.

So there we have those guys, I was a bit lazy with the shields if I'm honest but it turned out alright. The LBMS transfers are really nice, and with these ones you mostly just cut out the symbol so no problems with bad fit, except the small shield. I gave one guy a banner pole, but then couldn't find a standard to give him, so I will have to bring in a few of those and add it on later I guess.

Let me know what you think. The only thing I am not keen on are the cloaks so I likely won't use a ton more of those.

Paints Used:

Black Gesso

Games Workshop:
Mithril Silver

Dark Grey
Natural Grey
Deck Tan
German Camo Beige
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Desert Yellow

The base is Desert Yellow, Flat Earth + Smoke wash, Dark Sand, Dark Grey rocks, pale flock.


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