Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Painting - Varangian Guard

Well we have a big SAGA day coming up on Friday so I have been feeling like painting some more Dark Ages stuff, nothing like some games to get the interest going. I decided to try out a Pagan Rus force, so basically Russian Vikings, so figured I would try to do a few more eastern looking guys. Had the Gripping Beast Varangian Guard pack in my box so time to give it a go.

They are basically the vikings who joined the personal guard of the Byzantine emperor, who later came back. I thought they would look more eastern. This turned out to be a bad assumption, actually I don't really like these models at all.

So here they are, they all have big giant axes which is pretty fun, but there hands are all really close together which looks dumb. I think it would be more effective to chop people with a wide grip. But also the faces are not well done, and they don't have any extra byzantine looking elements or fancy gear like I feel like they should. So not bad but kind of generic and disappointing.

I have a new warlord to paint so hopefully that is better, the viking warlords and generally fun.

Of course here is the list of paints for my future reference: I used the Vallejo wood and leather set for the axe handle and leather straps which was nice but doesn't really show in the pic.

Deck Tan
Reflective Green
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Natural Grey

Pallid Witch Flesh
Dryad Bark
Khorne Red
Wazdaka Red
Mithril Silver
Dark Angels Green

Foundry: (I really need to get a Caucasian triad I guess)
Oriental Flesh Shade
Oriental Flesh
Oriental Flesh Light


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