Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Preparations for War!

I set up the terrain for part 3 of the Devils Charge scenario tomorrow (Can Kampfgruppe Peiper push through to the muse?). So I thought I would put up a quick teaser post of the impending battle.

So we have the SS on the Red board of battle, they need to push off the table along either road at the far ends. If they can get any platoons off it will be a victory, 3 makes a major victory, as the American forces will be enveloped and the war prolonged.

To prevent this we have a much stronger American force this time, 1 Rifle Platoon in the town in the middle right, an Engineer Combat Platoon defending the bridge right at the back, and a Scrapyard Tank Platoon (2 Sherman 75mm, 2 Sherman 105mm, 1 Stuart (modified from scenario to match what I have). In reserve on the left is 2 Parachute Rifle Platoons and some Close Air Support, on the right we have 2 5 Tank Armored Platoons, with 2 76mm tanks each.

I was not able to delay the Germans enough to start with any reserves on the table, but I am hopeful that I have done enough damage to clean up the lot of them. Eight Panthers is highly concerning thou.

Check in on Thursday to get the result!


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