Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Infinity - Operation Icestorm - Alguaciles, Specter, and Reverend Healer

So got back to painting up my Infinity starter set, started working on the Nomads part of it now. These guys all live on a space station and so I figure camo is not a concern for them so I decided to paint them basically in the suggested color scheme. They turned out really well, and I found them allot easier and more fun to paint then the PanO guys for whatever reason.

Also finished off the Specter, a sneaky camo guy.

And finally the Reverend Healer, who is actually a doctor. The picture of this one makes it look allot worse somehow, then it does in person.

And here is a shot on the display base.

Only a few guys left in that set now.

And here is a list of the paint I used:

Dark Grey
Neutral Grey
Flat Red
Deck Tank
German Camo Beige

Army Painter:
Electric Blue
Crystal Blue

Oriental Flesh Shade
Oriental Flesh
Oriental Flesh Light

Khorne Red
Wazdaka Red
Wild Rider Red
Dawn Stone
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Dryad Bark
Baneblade Brown



  1. Thanks I thought that guy was the coolest as well, although I think the painting was most successful on the blue haired lady for whatever reason. I picked up a new set of black and white paints from Vallejo with a painting technique supplied by some famous guy that is pretty nice.