Saturday, 13 December 2014

Painting - Operation Icestorm Completed

Hello folks, so today I managed to finish off the rest of the models in the Icestorm infinity set, actually only had the CSU left as I had finished the others previously but was waiting to have it all done to make the last post.

Mobile Brigada:

So first up we have the big mobile brigada heavy unit. This guy turned out pretty well even thou it is a pretty straight forward set of colors. I used the black ink the paint some thin black lines around the plates which improved things allot, might have to go back and do that for some of the others.


Then I have the Grenzer, acting as the Nomads sniper. I painted this guy much the same as the Specter with the white face thing. I actually tried the Nomads out last time I went to play infinity and found he was much inferior to the PanO sniper. But looks cool never the less.

I have been using the Black and White paint set from Vallejo with tips from Angel Giraldez. The method and colors for doing white seem to work very well, but the black is maybe not as effective I would say. Well especially in a super zoomed in picture.

Corporate Security Unit:

Finally there is the CSU, which was a bonus miniatures fir pre-ordering the set. This one was again a huge paint to assemble due to her being so skinny, but managed to get it to stick eventually. Had a bit of a paint glueing it onto the base after as it has a bit of a forward lean and the feet are real small, so she falls over easy until the glue is dry.

I decided to try out one of the methods for doing sheer fabric, so the idea is to create an effect where it looks like you can see the skin tone under the panty-hose where they are stretched tight. I think that turned out reasonably well for a first attempt, maybe went a bit to high into the flesh tone so might have to think about a back wash to bring it back a bit. I tried for a few freckles on the face as well which was really pushing my luck, but had allot of fun painting this one none the less. Who doesn't like a suitcase that folds out into a gun right.

To close it out here is a shot of each army set up in the terrain that comes in the set, which is pretty cool.

I would have to say the Nomads came out much better, I think the Specter, and the blue haired Alguacile are probably my favorites.

Anyway let me know what you think.

Paints used:

Flat Red
Dark Grey
Neutral Grey
German Camo Beige
Deck Tan

Oriental Flesh Shade
Oriental Flesh
Oriental Flesh Light

Electric Blue
Crystal Blue

Games Workshop:
Khorne Red
Wazdaka Red
Wild Rider Red
Kantor Blue
Dawn Stone


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