Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Yakuza - Pt 3

Ok so finished off the Yakuza today. Very happy with how they turned out on the whole, I am def a fan of the North Star stuff, and the scenic bases from microarts.


Oyabun (Boss):

Full Gang:

Well I would have to admit that the bosses face is a bit messed up but nothing is perfect.

Another thing I like about the Kung Fu sets is that they have included a card with the stats for the game, and they all add up to 300 points. The Samurai sets never had this which I think is pretty handy.

So keeping with the schedule I should have a Eldar Spiritseer to upload tomorrow, so bit of a variety there. I liked this project more then I thought I would so may just have to do the martial artist set next week or the week after, which is funny as they have been sitting in my closet untouched for like 6 months or something.



  1. Looking great Mike...I have to agree with you, very happy with North Star so far.

  2. Those look good.

    I didn't get the stat card with my faction :( But they are very good figures.

    I have mine primed and hope to start painting them if I don't spend the whole day at work.

  3. Strange that they would have the cards in some but not all of the sets, maybe they just had it for the early ones or something. But the card for mine were slid into the front with the label so it's easy to miss. Either way the stats are in the book so it's not the end of the world.

    Looking forward to trying this game out now.