Saturday, 13 September 2014

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k Kill Team

So we played some games of kill team after, decided that it would be fun to play a mini-tournament, so we did a round robin thing, there was 4 of us. Winner got a Captain of the Marches.

My list was as follows:

Death Speaker
5x Wraith Guard
2x Ranger

Game 1: Escalating Skirmish
Vs Black Templars

This mission has both sides deploy half of their team, with half in reserve with out flank (so they come in from the sides). You then try to kill more of the enemies team then they can kill of yours.

I started with 2 rangers taking cover to get ready for some shots and a wraithguard and the death speaker ready to move up and shoot some guys at close range.

They Black Templars had 1 few stern guard with combi-meltas so I felt it would be key to kill them first.

I brought 1 guy in behind these 2 guys and was luckily enough to be able to kill both.

In the mean time the Templars specialist close combat troops came in and started a fight. Turns out they are allot better in a fight then my guys so it was game over for me more or less.

Game 2: Doomsday Device
vs Sisters of Battle

In this mission there are 6 objectives spread around, any of which could be a doomsday device that both armies are desperate to control. Once the device is found the player that has it can start rolling to end the game, so it's important to get it fast and keep it.

The Sisters had a much bigger team with all of normal troopers and some flying ladies.

For this mission I deployed all my big guys in a big wedge around the Death Speaker, I had a psychic power that gives everyone within 3" +1 armor save (or -1 save to enemies), and then the rangers to go for the to close objectives you can see (dice).

Unfortunately the Sisters stole the initiative and moved up aggressively to cover allot of objectives and discovered the doomsday bomb towards the back. So the pressure was on to try and run and get it back before the game ended.

I moved up and kept blasting away as many of the Sisters as I could.

One of my rangers was even lucky enough to take one of them out in an assault! Bad luck for the sisters.

My Death Speaker got into another fight with a lady that jumped over my lines, but this time he was able to win! So in they ended I didn't get anywhere near the bomb but I killed enough of the Sisters to Force a rout test and they failed. So another pretty close game but managed to get a victory this time.

Game 3: Possession
vs Grey Knights

In this mission there are a number of objectives spread all over that can be moved around, so the idea is to get them and take them back into cover, When the game ends which ever side has the most in the winner.

The Grey Knights had a very small elite team with only 5 Terminators (very tough armor) but the cannons on my wraithguard are able to easily destroy them so things were loooking good for me.

I used 1 ranger to cover the objective in my deployment zone, and sent the other and 1 wraithguard to go collect another 2, that would give me 3 out of 5. I ground up the rest of my force to charge straight into the Grey Knights lines guns blazing.

I was taking some casualties due to the relatively high strength of the Grey Knights guns, but so were they for the same reason, so we were almost trading 1 for 1, of course I had more guys to loose and control of most of the objectives.

Things started getting dicey towards the end, but I was able to get some very lucky over watch shots (defensive fire), and took out another 2 Grey Kngihts that way.

In the end they were left with just the commander, when time thankfully ran out and I was left with the objectives. So another close game I would say, things could very easily have gone a different way with the over watch shots and I could have ended up taking rout tests and loosing objectives.

So 2 wins for me but my brother (the Black Templars) was undefeated so we declared him the winner and moved on to a big multi-player to finish things off.

The Sisters were victorious in the big game, every one else was reduced down to ineffectiveness trying to control the big objective in the middle.

I had a good time playing 40k again, the smaller skirmish kill team games can be allot of fun. This was my first time playing the new rules as well which I thought was fine. So would be interested to try playing kill team again, maybe we will have to give it another go when I come home for the Christmas break.

I can't really see my self buying to much more new stuff thou, the single guy I painted for my last post costs almost as much as all of the Yakuza combined! But it was a nice model and fun to paint.


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