Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Infinity - Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid

Today I finished off another infinity guy to add to my growing army for that game, I have something close to 30 models for my Morat army now. Anyway this is a really strange alien robot type worm thing that is both a doctor and an engineer in this game so he is pretty handy and can move around fast. It is kind of a strange looking model thou so that is a bit interesting.

I just painted it mostly blue and grey to match with the rest of my guys, but decided to paint the big mass of eyes a flesh color, so now it has this really strange fleshy mass of eyes.

I thought it was kind of lame at first, but kind of grows on you how alien and messed up it is.

On the historical front I started working on the Martial Artists for fist full of kung fu. So far I kind of think that this set is not quite as good as the Yakuza was, there is way more flash and stuff like that so that kind of sucks. Also I discovered when I had them half assembled that this set has 8 guys not 7 so I am short on one of the fancy resin bases, so I have had to order another pack of those.

I got the first 5 primed up ready to start, basically it is 3 shaolin monks, and 2 jet li fearless type guys. Don't make a good photo as they are just black but I am going to post it anyway cause why not.

There are 2 mini worms to go along with the med-tech so I may try and get them done tomorrow.



  1. It may be alien and messed up but you painted it well...just finished my hero cop tonight...

  2. Thanks hsh, look forward to seeing the coppers!