Saturday, 27 September 2014

Infinity Battle Report - Morat Agression Force vs Haqqislam

So I went down to the Ottawa Infinity club yesterday to play a few games, and managed to get a few pictures from the first one before my battery died so I thought I would put them up. They are not very good pictures but oh well.

Morat Agression Force vs Hassassins
We decided to play the 3 civilian game that one of the guys dreamed up. So there are three civilians (the bright red guys), one on each side and one in the center, whoever controls the most after 3 turns is the winner basically.

I deployed my fire team on the right between the red and blue shipping crates, a witch soldier (war band) further over, and the doctor between them. I put a sniper behind the red box i the middle, and the Sogarat (big fire support guy), and engineer and the doctors drone on the left.

A sneaky guy from the Hassasins tried to use impersonation to sneak right in close.

But then remembered he can't impersonate aliens so he was stuck just standing there.

But never mind since another sneaky guy that uses haolographs to cause confusion walked into the center building and picked up the civilian.

Then the enemy sniper decided to kill of my sniper, turned out easy with his viral sniper rifle. I thought I would take a cool over the shoulder shot but you can't see the other guy who was way over on top of a building.

On my turn this were looking a bit bad since two thirds of the civilians were way over on the wrong side of the table. But I decided to have some fun anyway. My witch soldier walk up behind a building, used a smoke grenade to block fire from the fire team, and attack this guy in a sword fight.

Who he easily killed do to his high martial arts skills.

Then my big guy took out the sniper, you can almost see him up on the building this time but not quite..

Finally I moved up my fire team and put some fire on the enemy fire team behind the red crate, taking out 1 and putting down a supressive fire with the heavy machine gun.

The turn passed back again and a Hacker dropped down with air deployment, and hacked big sogarat shutting his powered suit down.

Then a second one dropped down behind my lines. He took out doctor worm easily,

Then he moved up and took out a few people from my fire team before he died.

On my next turn I took out another couple of guys but couldn't get close to the civilians. Unfortunatly this put the hassasins into retreat, so there turn would be the last in the game meaning I had no way to win since they would just take the civilians with them.

So a big loss for me since I never achieved the objectives, but I had a good time fighting, and even managed do get a guy into close combat, so was a real fun game.

Played a quadrant control game against Nomads after this, but me phone died due to the no singal in the basement of Fandom so no pictures from that.


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