Monday, 22 September 2014

Martial Arts Students

Today I finished off the 2 Jet Li looking guys in the set, they are calling them martial arts students. I find these guys to be pretty sweet especially the kick in the head guy that is just good fun. I decided to paint that one with a white shirt and black pants like in the end of Fearless, and just did the other guy in purple. They seem to use all kinds of colors for that, I kind of wanted to do it like the suit Cane sometimes wears in the old Kung Fu TV show but that is kind of gold looking and I thought it would be really hard to do so I just went with purple.

Seems like I might have to work on a way to take better pictures after I move.

Hoping to get the old master and the street fighter looking guy done tomorrow, still don't have a base for the Tony Jaa looking guy which is a shame as he is prob my favorite one of these. Guess I will have to put him on a temp base for painting or something.

I did a bit of reading of the rules for this game and it seems like it might be pretty interesting. They extras seem like they are mostly intended to just die, leaving a fight between the protagonists, but those fights are meant to go on for awhile and there are lots of 'wounds' type effects that the winner can choose for the looser to have.

They use traits to make them different, the Yakuza are sneaky, the cops get hand cuffs, ect...


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