Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Martial Arts Fanatic + Full Group

Ok so as promised finished off the Tony Jaa looking guy (Martial Arts Fanatic), basically looks like the guy from the protector. Still no fancy base so I just have it on a black one for now, will pop it off and switch later, but I still did all the spray so the guy is done anyway.

Pretty happy with this, the one is a bit off as you can see but no big deal. The ropes turned out pretty nice.

Also have a shot of the full set:

Pretty cool, so as a reminder it's the Martial Artists set from North Star with the Mosaic Bases set from Micro Arts Studio. Here is a shot of their army sheet.

Basically all the extras have Dashing (bonus when charging), and the Shaolin also have acrobat. The master then just has a bunch of stuff basically.

Not sure when I will get to try this out but hopefully sooner rather then later, if I'm honest it was more of a painting project I got on a whim just because I thought the sets were really nice.

Still I need a Bruce Lee!


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