Thursday, 25 September 2014

Infinity - Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major

So got another Infinity guy done in time for some games tomorrow, this is 1 of the newer release a Raktorak with Vulcan Shotgun, basically a fancy fire shot gun.

My feeling is that this guy is going to be a bit annoying in the falling over department with his gone way of to the side, and the big hunk of wreckage hes standing on over there as well. But it is a cool pose so there you go. I kind of like the hunk of stuff as it lets you mess around with some weathering, I used gold on the top with the corroded copper wash from GW to make that look oxidized a bit, and metal with a rust one for the bottom. Can't see it much on the picture but it's not bad.

Also got a few guys clipped out for my next mini project. Going to do a section of Canadian Infantry for WW2 in 15mm, single based. Then probably some Germans to fight them (can do either normal or SS actually with the bits I have). That will let me mess around with a few skirmish games, I want to try out Force on Force, and maybe some other things for WW2 and it will be allot easier to try then 28s.

Plus I'm moving next week and don't want to start anything big, so the procrastinating on Crusades painting continues!

I might try and take a few pictures of some Infinity games tomorrow to post we shall see.


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